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NY Cop Gives Homeless Man Boots Story is a Skechers Marketing Fraud

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Mr. Chiarini presents biometric comparisons of individuals seen in public roles who are counterfeit personalities. Watch, decide for yourself, and then become a ‘well aware one’. You will never see the world the same again.

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Contents: 9/11; Anthony, Casey; Baio, Scott; Berkowitz, David; Brooklyn Crown Heights ALIYA Synagogue Outreach Center Homeless Man Beaten by Police Hoax; Canno, Jose; Chardon High School; Cole, Natalie; Columbine High School Massacre; DePrimo, Larry; Dupnik, Clarence Sheriff; Fey, Tina; Foster, Jennifer; Fritzl, Josef; G20 Cop; Gensler, Gary; Giffords, Gabby; Glick, Jeremy; Greenberg, Brett; Greenberg, Jacob; Greenberg, Leon; Greenbergs; Halevi, Ehud; Harmon, Liz; Hoffman, Jody Cohn; Holmes, James; Holmes, Katie; Irving, Christopher; Jackass; James, Letitia; Katzenberg, Jeffrey; Katzenberg, Marilyn; Keil, Todd; Klein, Chris; Lane, T.J.; Lazarus, Stephanie; Liu, John; Masbaal, Khaled; McVeigh, Timothy; Nasrallah, Sayyed Hassan; Nayirah, Nurse; NY Cop Gives Homeless Person Shoes Hoax; O’Reilly, Bill; Ostreicher, Chris ‘Oz’; OWS Pepper Spray Girl; OWS Topless Protestor; Parmertor, Danny; PCSO Annual Awards Booklet; Pima County Sheriff’s Department; PIX-11; Protester Occupy Dallas; Protester Occupy Wall Street; Rappaport, Jill; Rhee, Peter; Rhodes, E. Stewart; Rockefeller, Susan Cohn; Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg; Silverstein, Larry; Skechers; Stiller, Jerry; Truthergirl Sonia; Victim Aurora Theater Massacre; Whale, Amanda; Whale, Tim; Winkler, Max; Wohl, Arden; Yates, Andrea; Zimmerman, Gabe; Zuckerberg, Mark

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    I am not an actor. I do not appreciate you using that fowl language. You have no class. I will be deleting my account now. Please leave me alone!

    • When you have multiple accounts in order to play both ends of the spectrum. YOU have then committed fraud. THAT is illegal. The creation of a pseudonym in order to mislead others. Would you like to try for a third account with the same IP address? Or do you think you can behave?

    • Make sure you delete all of them. You know the ones where you praise me, then use the other ones to bash me at the same time.


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