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New JFK Assassination Witness Identified


Sister Rosetta Tharp

This person was told to us to be a witness to the murder of Officer Tippit, who we have identified as really being Carl Perkins one of the Rock n Roll music legends. Who was from Tiptonville Tennessee.

This is where he gets the Tippit name.

Sister Rosetta Tharp is an associate of Perkins as well as all the other Hall of Fame Musicians from the early days of the music scene, that I have identified as playing roles in the events related to the JFK Assassination.

ALMOST EVERY witness that we have been shown was involved in that event I have identified as being in one of more of the following organizations.

The Grand Ol Opry The Country Music Hall of Fame The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame The Rockabilly Hall of Fame

I will be releasing a video documenting all the musicians involved.  Plus who the Dallas officials are as well, in the next few weeks.

All the Oswald Co Workers are in this video.  Including Little Richard (see if you can figure out which one he is.)


At the Schoolbook Depository

James Brown, James Jarman, Junior, JFK assassination, Oswald's coworker, school book depository

James Brown is one of the many members of the rock ‘n roll and music Hall of Fame’s to be involved in the JFK assassination hoax. He played Oswald’s co-worker at the depository with several other well-known black entertainers the time.


AKA Father of Eddie Murphy.  This is where his brother Charlie Murphy gets his name from. Remember Eddie

When you watch the video listen to his voice and you will hear where Eddie gets his from.

The Three Tramps (More well-known Musicians)

Horace Eldridge dill, Don Carter, Dallas Mavericks, tramp number one, JFK assassination

Here we see tram number one from the JFK assassination hoax. His name is Danny dill. A songwriter and a member of the grand ole Opry. His real name is Horace Eldridge dill, and he is also known as Don Carter. The first owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Tramp number two was Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty.

Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty

Tramp # 3 Whitey Ford

A FEW MORE WELL KNOWNS PLAYING ROLES.  Make sure you note all these musicians are/were good friends during this time.

Zapruder was Col Tom ParkerZapruder was Col Tom Parker

Search for JFK Assassination on this site to see more.

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  1. Given all the royals involved in this, we can see it was conceived & managed to affect the entire world politic. Just as the creation of Hitler & the Nazis also did. Many agendas fulfilled.

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    (rip 2016) countrysinger merle haggard= Looks like Carl icahn , Tycoon; maybe related???

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