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Sandy Hook and Danielle Van Dam

If you think hard work and talent are enough to get you noticed then possibly famous, think again. Unless you have the last name that is related to the core families that run the show, you don’t stand a chance. The payout for being one of those family members is to, of course, pass the baton to your children, exactly what we have here.


Julian lennon played the role of one of the Sandy Hook parents


Julian played the role of David Koresh

Julian lennon vandam

Danielle VanDam the missing little girl was a HOAX. The photos of her are old photos of the mother who is really Julian Lennon’s Mother. John Lennon’s first wife.

vandam murders-and-kidnappers

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  1. I also see that John Lennon not only survived that character as well as Steve Jobs, but is back as Tim Cook! What a riot! I didn’t quite believe it at first but studying face, posture, etc. no question it’s the same person.
    I wonder if Sean is in on this too? He’s got a very unusual look. However, you’ve shown again and again how camera lens, angle and the magic of make up Hollywood style can change appearance.
    Poor, poor Julian! Ha!


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