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Miley Cyrus is Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

Written by Daniel James based in an investigation by Ed Chiarini
If I walked into a Home Depot and licked a hammer, I would be kicked out.  But when Miley Cyrus does it?  I’ve seen this movie before.  But last time, the star was Madonna, the biological mother of Miley Cyrus.  Creating content for the media is a family tradition, a family business.

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  1. Clint Barry /

    Madonna’s mother resembles Helen Gig Smith, the baseball player from the All American Girls Baseball League of 1943. Madonna starred in a film about her called “A league of their own” in 1991. Madonna’s mother also resembles movie star Deanna Durbin. Deanna Durbin married film director Charles Henri David who also resembles Sylvio Ciccone. Deanna Durbin also resembles Eva Braun. It looks like her family leads to Disney Land.

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