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Michele Obama AKA Rain Pryor

Michele O is Rain Pryor

Michele O is Rain Pryor


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  1. GeC /

    Ed, I have something I’d like to share with you, to get your take on it. Grateful for the new site, by the way. I’ve stumbled across a very intriguing video regarding this “lady”, which states that she isn’t a lady at all. The video uses even scientific evidence that I haven’t heard from you (not sure if you were ever aware). Its convincing to me, that Michelle is actually a ‘drag queen’. Could it be that Rain Pryor is a man as well? The evidence is intriguing, to say the least, so to make sure it isn’t just distraction, I am hoping you’re able to look into it when you have the chance.

    • Are you not able to google images of her when she was a child? You offend me with your ignorance. Don’t bother wasting others time with this bullshit. Or maybe your Tracy Morgan, who is a female GEE can’t you tell by his, UH DOH! I mean her name? Gotta be a girl since she got a female name, or am I just getting confused since he’s a Pussy? Or is it the fact that he doesn’t have any balls to step up to me? Either way you look at it, he’s a coward… And Joe Biden. hahahahah

      • GeC /

        Ha! Ok, well.. I apologize for that. That’s why I wanted to get your take. I honestly didn’t even think to do that search. It seemed too convincing that she might’ve been born a boy… I’ll mark that under distraction. My bad. Disregard..

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