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It’s Not Just a U.S. Problem. It’s Global.

The issue of actors playing roles as elected officials while using stage names or pseudonyms to disguise their known alternative persona is a global problem.  I would be willing to say that every UN affiliated nation is infiltrated, and possibly corrupted from the very start with these scum actors.  There might be more in other nations that are non-English speaking, but unfortunately, I am limited to the politics of the US and occasionally will pick up on a few of the actors when I see foreign correspondence broadcasts.  We here in the US are very limited to the goings on outside of our borders.  This, unfortunately, is not by the choice of the people but is a fundamental design to make it easy for the powers that be to repackage their playbook, and use it in other countries.  People are people all the world over so to think this kind of think is not happening in your country would be a very naive position to take.


In yet another fan of Bill and Hillary, we have the actor also known as Markie Post (spouse is a match as well) who is also playing the role Julie Bishop the first Australian female Foreign Minister.


And in Canada, we have once again their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being played by Brent Gretzky.   Gretzky is the brother of the great one. Wayne Gretzky.  Just look at the father, and of course, the spouse they are a match.

australia pm

You think it's just a coincidence that this happened this way?  Fat Chance my friend. It's all just part of the script.


Canada is a hot spot for this crap.


Another Canadian, and this one's even running for US President


And some of them travel back and forth. This one was, of course, for Margaret Thatcher's funeral. If you know the research that I have done. You know that Margaret Thatcher is HW's sister, and that would be GW's aunt so there is no way that they would miss that funeral even though Obama at the time said no US representatives were in attendance.


And as I mentioned before, this problem stems back far before this country's beginning. But we can see documented at least from the start of the US. The forefathers were compromised.

ben vereen

The UN seems to be the breeding ground for many of these actors to get in on the ground level and worked away into the particular country's government. When you think about it the land where the headquarters is located, New York,  is the meeting place for the UN Council. Why would you pick a location that would require all but the three representatives (U.S. Canadian, and Mexican Reps) to travel overseas for their meetings?  Wouldn't you choose a place that was more centralized to the majority of the members?    Well, that would make sense. But, of course, all the actors are here in New York, and that means they couldn't get other acting roles.


Just one more actor at the UN


And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you know my work, I've researched over 5700 individuals playing this game on humanity.

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    My brain is officially blown. I have so many questions but some might be answered by watching more on this website so I continue to get my mind blown. Right now, my husband thinks I’m crazy. I show him the obvious ones, but being duped is hard to get past, and I see, right in front of me, a man I’ve been with for almost 25 years, absolutely refusing to accept whats right in front of him. I continue down this path regardless.

    • You will find that you would t be able to get others to see what you see. Every person is on their own yourney, you can’t get someone to see what you see if they are not on the same level as you are. You can show them a thousand smoking guns and they will never see it because they will immediately build a wall to hide behind and view the information you show them as an attack on their reality. They will view you as the problem no matter how much you are trying to help them. They must find the work on their own time and at their own pase.

  2. It’s as deep as it is wide. Every single town, city, county and of course state in the U.S. is monitored and controlled. Every town council and department, school board, etc. There is no accident as to who is in office. If we take the commonly bantered about figure that 1% of the population owns about 90% of the wealth, than of 322 million in U.S. there are 3,230,000 who are “in on it.” That gives 64,000 per state to make sure things go according to plan. It won’t take that many. Key positions can oversee a lot. Plenty “in the wings” if needed. Think about 1 % globally!

    • Good way to think. I wouldn’t say all the 1% are in on it but most definitely are aware of more than the average person. I would think 2 million of that number are very aware, and probably 100K of that are in positions that actually make decisions based on that knowledge and objective. That’s still a lot of people. Dallas has I believe 3-4 million. So it’s like an entire city vs the rest of the country.