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Manufactured History

Tony Greenberg, Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper, of course, playing the role of the of Werner Heid. The author of the books about Werner Moulder who is played by Tony Greenberg


Little update on Bill Cooper


So once again we see YouTube playing their games, and removing my videos without notifying me.  That tells you something, does not it?

So the videos that they remove seem to be the ones that have to do with Hitler and the Greenberg families that are playing the roles of the fake Nazis.

So while you watch this video. Remember that they do not like this information to be out so that should tell you what you should do with this video.  The people involved in it, Tony Greenberg, who plays the role of Werner Moulder and the role of Anthony D Rothschild, along with Bill Cooper, who you see his real identity.   Demonstrate their ability to create history and insert it into the archives and, therefore, undermine everything that we have come to believe as fact with regards to the events of our past. If this does not concern you, it should.  If you do not understand the severity of what they have done, then you need to reevaluate your thought process.

My Bill Cooper phone call:  I was playing with him with regards to him being
Jordan Maxwell.  I was trying to throw him off a bit.  It worked.

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