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Cascade Mall Shooting Burlington, Washington HOAX



Burlington WA – Video footage from a mall in Washington state captured the fear and panic that broke out when a man carrying a rifle opened fire inside a Macy’s department store.

Some shoppers at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, ran and others hid behind clothing racks as a lone shooter with a rifle searched for his targets.

He fired at a teenage girl near some racks, shot a woman trying to hide from him behind a counter and killed two women who huddled together.

The Sept. 23 shooting left a teenage girl, three women and one man dead.

Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor is being held on suspicion of five counts of first-degree, premeditated
murder. Bail was set at $2 million. Prosecutors have until Jan. 6, 2017 to file formal charges.


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After watching the so called video of the shooting, I can clearly see its a drill.  The makers of this video have never shot a gun in their lives let alone a shotgun.  If they did, they would know there are a muzzle flash and smoke after each shot.  Plus the sound of a shotgun inside a closed room such as we see in the video would dislodge the dust and debris from the ceiling tile in front of the camera.  You would see dust particles falling in front of the lens.  THEREFORE ITS A PHONY.

Next thing you will see is the mall remodeling with all the FEMA grant money from the DHA HSEEP program money they get for hosting a drill.  Look it up on their site if you don’t believe me.

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  1. I live near here. It is an interesting scene. Where are the blood splatters on the shooter? No blood anywhere. That is one interesting aspect. Also, I watched for after death body twitches, especially in the counter scene with the three women. I see none. Things the average citizen doesn’t think of; blood blowback from close range shots and nerve twitches. The all fell on one shot, it appears. So he either shot them directly in the head or heart; direct kills. No one was crawling where he seemed to need to shoot again to get the kill. I’m calling bullshit on this one too. Welcome to the Truman Show.

  2. Been waiting for this one from you… The people spreading this fear porn around are terrorists, Ed. The whole damn system is corrupt… What the hell…???