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Hearst – Airline Kicks Man Off For Using The Bathroom CONTENT HOAX

Since we live in a society that is governed by laws you can use the laws against them to expose who owned the particular story.  Social Blade is a free plugin for YouTube that lets you see some of the data behind a video you are watching.  The corporation claiming to be the Owner of the content is visible and we see who is behind each story.  If a competitor produces a video then only that producer has the rights to claim the video this it the company that is behind that production.  The production will also be in line with the corporate guidelines of that particular company so you will only see logos on products that are approved and affiliated with that parent company.

Of course, you see the need for the fake CEOs who take the fall for the corporation so the people believe there is justice for the victims.  Now you know its all fake.  That includes the need for fake experts to give their opinions on the fictional news stories the mainstream media produce and broadcast for your entertainment (but you think it’s for your education)  think again.

AND we have Disney Claiming this one.

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  1. Nate /

    For whatever reason they do not want normal folks flying right now

  2. I never heard of of that social blade plugin. I’m gonna start using that more often myself

  3. Roger /

    What would our world be like without all these actors playing parts, an eutopia?
    This seems so surreal. Used to like MSNBC. Now I’m seeing experts who resemble actors. The news crew has got to be in on it. It looks like the new target has now become big airlines. And there’s always a camera to catching​it all. Keep up good wk. Will subscribe as soon as I can

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