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Timothy Leary (You Believed That Was His Real Name)

peter-fonda He-his-followers-were-part-League-Spiritual-Discovery  

The more you look at it, the more you will see the military and their control of the media.  They create the conflict and guide the people and make them believe whatever they want them to by the programming on your TV.  They create the fictional characters, then use them to attack your senses.  It’s a very profitable business when you consider how long they have been doing this.

It’s a Family Business

Nancy Pelosi is Jane Fonda

Nancy Pelosi is Jane Fonda
Hand Vein biometric proof

  Dallas County DA Hawk
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  1. Lyn Utermark /

    I didn’t even know Ted was married to Jane

  2. When I was in Oregon during the farcical movie what’s his name was promoting about an inn convenient truth thing and that Al Gore and all of that malarkey I meant the former Governor and it turned out to be Ted Turner and so it’s interesting that he’s played quite a few parts and here we see more of the family involved way to go way to go guys say hello to your team and I hope everyone has a great day oh yeah and by the way did you hear that someone was postulated that he also played not Ted Turner but Peter Fonda also played David Bowie I heard it I just wasn’t thoroughly convinced of it and I wasn’t certain if you’d looked into it or not alright you guys have a great day

    • No but that a look at Cliff Long the city council member for Rockwall TX since his daughter is the Dallas County DA Hawk. They are trying to move in on me and harass me but I called her out and she split from her position for a month but came back (after she was trained how to handle if someone called her out I suppose) but she is having problems because I keep hounding them.

  3. Get yur wallet ready, Head out on the highway, looking for a lawsuit, it’s a it’s a coming your way..! Hay hay ahya hay hay… Da dadadada…


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