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Las Vegas Shooting HOAX UPDATE


Remember the ExPlan I leaked before the school shooting that caused the DHS to call off the drill.  This is what they follow.  It has all the answers you need to understand what is going on.

The shooters brother is Paul Astin Johns brother. 



You can see the layer they super-imposed on the image. This is first-year art student work.

Here is the ELA test to prove it.


If an event is real, there is no need to fake anything.

Harrison Ford playing the role of a Dr at the Las Vegas Shooting drill/hoax.

Harrison Ford Dr John Fildes

Harrison Ford playing a role in the FAKE EVENT.



I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE.  Watching this bullshit on the TV.  You have to be a complete fool if you think for a second that what you are watching is something more than a drill that the media is using as a HOAX to push agenda.   A FOOL I SAID.  Don’t bother commenting with “you know it’s real because your best friends, mothers, co-worker was shot.  YOU ARE A FOOL.

The Mainstream media is incorrect about automatic weapons.
THEY ARE LEGAL, and silencers are as well.  You can buy them in Texas.  So they are telling you this to push the attack on homemade, 3d printed gun parts that people are using.


As For the Fake Shooting…

Do I need to say it?  Really?  I don’t even have to show any images, but I will because some of you haven’t seen it all before.  Remember MULTIPLE agencies arriving out of their jurisdiction is your clue.

If you cant see it’s just another bullshit drill/HOAX then you are as clueless as the actors taking part in the scam.

I think we should create a drinking game that calls for people to take a drink every time you see a (Crisis Actor- which are just actors ) smiling as they are supposed to be in fear of their lives.   Or take a drink every time you see a photo taken from a photographer who is in front of law enforcement who are pretending to be in pursuit of a shooter.

You would be drunk within minutes of watching the mainstream losers who are taking commands from their Swiss Pharaoh/Royal owners.

And what about…




Let me remind you of one point that is never spoken about because it completely destroys the anti-gun argument.

NO law stops a criminal who intends to shoot someone.  It only stops those law-abiding individuals who could be legally carrying, and able to stop that criminal before law enforcement arrives on the scene.

Mic drop!

Fake Scenes of vegas shooting hoax

Camera in front of law enforcement. Yeah Right!


Thanks, Patrick Hand for the update 

No automatic alt text available.

When they remove the archives of the police broadcast, KNOW ITS A HOAX.

Removing blocks of dispatch audio tells you they are hiding the fact its a hoax.


And we have an official identified as an actor.

Paul Sorvino

So the actor known as Paul Sorvino is  Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas.


Official just interviewed on MSNBC stated there was a call for a truck bomb at the MGM, and other calls for bombs yesterday.  PROVING this was a multijurisdictional drill.


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  1. I tried making a comment on flat earth debunked thread, said something about duplicate comment detected? Don’t think I’ve commented on it that I remember

  2. There are so many deceivers amongst the so called “truther community ” . I got into an argument on YouTube with a shill operating under the pseudonym of Suzy Creamcheeze3, pushing bullshit . She was trying to sell Pence & Trump as “Chevy Chase & John Candy” . I mean how absurd! I called her on it , it quickly escalated to ad hominem attacks. Shills like her , I think , are specifically doing this to try and discredit your work. What separates your work from theirs is concrete fact based evidence ! The weaker minded people are having a hard time understanding how easy it is for these actors to change their appearance so when they see a phoney doctor (Harrison Ford) in disguise they they can’t handle it. Good job Ed, thanks for all you do!

  3. russellkanning /

    I was in Vegas a few days after the hoax. I overheard many conversations. They were split in 3 groups:

    Scared this happened in their town
    Thought it was a hoax
    Thought everything surrounding the event was puzzling

    • sounds about right. It just depends on how much they spent hiring actors to cement the lie in the public perspective. People have more common sense then they did a few years ago. After each event, you see the immediate questioning of the BS. They won’t be able to keep it up for much longer.

  4. AnneMckenzie /

    What happened? So disappointing to have you knocked off the air midway through the radio broadcast just when you were on a roll naming names and ripping holes in productions exposing all their illogical bullshit.

    I always knew something was gravely wrong with the world. The controllers ruled too easily and nothing ever changed for the betterment of humanity. It had to be simple for these arrogant fucks to pull it off for so long. What’s more simplistic than controlling information and using family member actors to reinforce the lies while supporting their luxurious lifestyles that’s hardly sustainable?

    You’re right about how it feels to lift the veil and see that everything I believed in, everything I trusted; our history, our government, my reality as I knew it… everything completely manufactured by scumbags. I honestly felt sick to my stomach, completely dazed and confused for a week after watching your many videos on the Gabby Giffords shooting. Don’t even get me started on the Greenbergs.

    Now I can see it, the insanity of it all, how fake it is, what they do to us. I try to turn as many on to your research as possible. Some are able to process it, some would even try rejecting the discomfort of waking over the insanity of their belief system. Gotta tell you, I’m glad I stuck it through, glad I found WellAware1, glad you’re still at it.

    That rabbit hole seemed infinite but I gotta say it was well worth making the trip to the end. Your work is mind blowing in a good way. Seems humanity could use a Wellaware1 reboot. Keep fighting the fight. Nice to know we’re not alone. The world really is a good place to live and humanity compassionate and beautiful which far out weighs the ruling class shitbag scums and their house of cards.

    Thank you.

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