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Trump to Jackass, It’s A Family Business


Hunter College grad student and documentary filmmaker Marisa Holmes, 25, was charged with hindering the high-ranking cop’s arrest of Robert Stephens as she filmed the collar on Sept. 24, the day Bologna pepper-sprayed demonstrators.

When you see the same actors playing roles in different unrelated events in the media, know for a fact that these developments you are seeing are scripted out and paid for by some corporate conglomerate.  It doesn’t matter why they are doing it.  Who cares why they justify doing what they do.  If you come home to find your home being robbed by some guy in a priest frock, do you stop and ask him why?  No, you kick some ass and call the cops.  Who cares what he claims is the reason for his actions.  The same goes for this situation as well.


When you see the same family members playing roles in the Occupied events of New York and in Dallas, then at the Trump protests and you know they are related to the Greenberg’s (due to my previous exposed videos showing them alongside Brett Greenberg, who played the role of the guy who rushed the stage at the Trump rally, then you see him at Fergason throwing rocks at the police, then at the Batman movie shooting, and then at the sandy hook staged event) you can rest assured two thing.  One, the event is a Greenberg production and two, they want Trump to win.  Which means TRUMP is related to the Royals of Holland.  This is why you see Alex Jones endorsing Trump.

Read between the lines and see the facts they are trying to hide from you.  Once you know who they are you can connect the dots and validate everything I am saying on your own.

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  1. Berta /

    They want Trump to win Republican nomination so that Hillary will win. Trump is a foil for Hillary as was/is Sander’s. It makes for great entertainment. Otherwise a shoe-in is boring. Gotta have bread and circus in the Roman Empire!

  2. Excellent Bro…

    As usual you find the connections that no one else would ever even look for…



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