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UPDATE July 16th
Here’s where they blow it BIG TIME.  This so called witness  KATHERINE BLETH  is really Catherine Bleish.  You would know her as the wife of Austin Activist John Bush. You also might remember her from Jessie Ventura’s conspiracy theory show.  Or on The Alex Jones Show.

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You can tell john and Catherine how you feel about their bullshit on his radio show



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The Uncle is being played by:

Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. (born September 16, 1950 in Keyser, West Virginia) is an American historian, literary critic,filmmaker and public intellectual who currently serves as the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. He has discovered what are considered the first books by African-American writers, both of them women, and has published extensively on appreciating African-American literature as part of the Western canon.

In addition to producing and hosting previous series on the history and genealogy of prominent American figures, since 2012 Gates has been host for three seasons of the series Finding Your Roots on PBS. It combines the work of expert researchers in genealogy, history, and genetics historic research to tell guests about their ancestors’ lives and histories.

Diamond Lavish Reynolds is played by:


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  1. Couldn’t be more clear that Katherine and Catherine are the same person. Yes, they are not even trying to hide. Are they making it so obvious, now that Ed’s so on their tail, that they are just waiting for public reaction? As more people catch on being wellaware can’t be stopped. So hang it out there and see what the reaction actually is.

  2. How could two parents even talk about their murdered son so calmly Yeap, he’s a little old and fatter!!!You can tell the actors are really good to be able to change like that!

  3. Man, so obvious. They went from careless to “don’t give a shit”…

    Great work as usual, Ed. What more can ya do…?


    • Dan Jensen /

      Agreed, they weren’t even trying with the name on this one. They know a great percentage of people just drink up this garbage.

      • You are correct. I truly believe they would have gotten away with all this BS if it wasn’t for the internet and people like myself with photographic memories for faces. Combine the two and I’m able to make connections that would be impossible if I have to go to archives and pull images as my reference. Online data has made this work simple.

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