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HW Bush, Nazis, Hoffmann

HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler's personal photographer

If you're familiar with my work and have watched the documentaries that I've produced that are available on YouTube, you are familiar with the fact that HW Bush is Joseph P Kennedy Jr. and is John F. Kennedy's brother.

In the photograph above we see HW getting his makeup done by Hitler's personal photographer Hoffmann.


John F. Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Junior, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,

The Bush boys and Ross Perot are visiting their relative Hitler, who was Kermit Roosevelt.


When I first saw this photograph, my initial reaction was that it was GW Bush. But examining their age proves that

that would be impossible. After digging and finding out the right family and knowing the individuals involved in the creation of the propaganda footage, filmed by Disney, who is, of course, Hitler and a.k.a. Kermit Roosevelt, I was able to identify who it was, then further validated it with ear biometrics.

Ross is a Roosevelt, but not from Teddies line.  He's from Teddies brother Elliott Roosevelt.  Elliott A.K.A Taft, and JP Morgan, who was handpicked by Teddie after he left office, to become the next U.S. President.  The only President in our history that was not elected to office and was selected by the previous President (his brother).

The following information is a brief review of the work that I published a few years back with regards of the identity of eight of Hitler and the well-known Nazis that are in the history books as his top level associates. We find out that they are actually the children of Teddy Roosevelt our president and during the time of World War II there cousin another Roosevelt Franklin Delano was the president. The amount of money that the family made during the conflict that stretch back to World War I as well is almost incomprehensible. They are the ones behind the conflicts since them due to the fact that they own the raw material production companies that are needed to produce the equipment needed for war. Oil and gas steel mills they all stem back to this family. The manipulation of the population in order to create conflict has kept them very wealthy and they're not about stop as we see currently with the push for the conflict in Syria being held up by our head of state John Forbes Kerry.

The last time they tried to push this Syrian conflict, with the use of their family members acting as children being gassed by the Syrian leaders, I released a video exposing the identity of John Forbes Kerry and the fact that his father was the one credited with the creation of the EU and the founding of the steel industry in Europe. That is the same steel industry that the Royal family from Sweden the current reigning queen her family was scrutinized heavily for dealing with the Nazis and providing them with the raw materials during World War II. When you realize that these are all the same families coming from the same tree stretching back to Wilhelm the Kaiser of Germany it begins to make sense as you see the same Nazi individuals as the Bush family are still in power today.

Teddy Roosevelt's children.

One of his children Quentin Roosevelt was said to have died in a plane crash at age 19.  They even went as far as staging a crash but you can see how amateurish the dummy and the crash actually appear to be. So it's quite easy to come to the conclusion that he of course did not die but changed his identity and we can see that he became Joseph P Kennedy Sr.

As Joseph P Kennedy Senior he had several children one of them was his namesake. Joseph P Kennedy Junior who also joseph_quentin copy
died in a plane crash, so were told, at the same age that his father's original identity died at. We can see that Joseph P Kennedy Junior is actually HW Bush. Which would make sense when you understand that his father Joseph P Kennedy Senior also plays the role of Prescott Bush the father of HW Bush.

The reason why this identity change came into play was because of the business dealings that the family got caught doing which were highly illegal and known as the Teapot Dome scandal. That scandal was the event that gave the Bush family the land that they produce their oil from. I highly suggest that you research the Teapot Dome scandal to become familiar with that event and you will see that the Roosevelts namely Theo Junior almost lost everything for the family by getting caught giving out government contracts to his family members who were actually working for oil and gas companies as executives.

Teddy Roosevelt's other children

Quentin's brother Kermit Roosevelt, is the person that played the role of Hitler during the German conflict of World War II. The interesting thing to note is the Association of the Roosevelt family with the Kaiser of Germany and when we research it further we see that the cover story falls and fails due to the fact that Teddy Roosevelt is the son of Kaiser Wilhelm II.  We can see the relationship between the Kaiser who played a different role in the united states government at the time and the references to him being the godfather of the United States and of course that involved his son that no one knew was a son Teddy.

pbushproof JFKPP-006-024-p0010 JFKPP-006-024-p0012







theadore Fullscreen-capture-1192013-12628-PM.bmp

0055uThis image in itself, tells you exactly what's going on. As we see that the Roosevelts are directly related to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. This is the direct connection to all the corporations that produce the products that are needed for war, which are owned by these families. So all the complex would Germany and all the other conflicts that we've had over the years, are all successful campaigns to milk you of your money and in some cases your life.

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  1. Cool new website look. I can’t seem to login to my account (username = acacius). Anyway, you probably won’t care that much, but regarding Teddy Roosevelt – I think him and popular British author G K Chesterton were the same person. I checked their spouse and she appears to be the exact same woman. Chesterton was an apologist for the Roman Catholic church and a religious debater / controversialist. He really shook up British culture and wrote dozens of books. I had some respect for Chesterton until I saw your page about Roosevelt. I may be completely wrong. But maybe it’s another piece of the puzzle.

    I appreciate all your work and talent.

    • Yes, Im working on a few issues with the login right now I hope it will be complete by morning.
      I’ll take a look at GK Chesterton and let you know.