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The Jonestown Massacre

This was an old one, but I’m  repopulating the database with exhibit boards that people are requesting.


Many actors before they are allowed to become famous have to sell their soul to those in control.  They do so by playing roles in events the establishment needs as a means to push a political agenda, and their reward is obvious.

Michael Rooker
Dennis Rodman  At least for the sport figured you at least have to have some skills.  The preferential treatment only goes so far then it’s all about the skills of the athlete to keep that position.
Whoopie Goldberg as Ramona Africa
Eddie Murphy (this is before poems from the pen Kill my landlord SNL skit) which is credited as his official first tv performance.
Are just some that cut their teeth playing roles in the fake history.


Then we have Leon Greenberg as Tim Carter

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  1. Ronda /

    Strange but I believe it all, these people are satanic.

    • then you would be believing the mad up religion they themselves created. There is no excuse for their actions other then they wake up every day and choose to do what they do. Why they choose it is their business and I don’t care about their justification the same way a judge doesn’t care why someone killed someone else. its not the reason why it’s the act of murder they are being charged with not why.

  2. Steve Adams /

    Hi, do you have any idea if Saif Gaddafi is played by an actor??

    • I have nothing on him but if you use logic and think about the corporations that promote him you will see he is just another actor following a script. If he was teaching people the truth you would not see him on TV because a calm level thinking viewer is not what they want .

  3. I can see Whoopie in it! Very interesting! My hubby has a hard time believing all TV is fake. What do you say to a person like that? Could part be true and part fake on TV? I notice I can still leave a comment on this article, but other articles you can’t.

    • You have to be specific when you say all tv is fake. He first has to understand that the conglomerates that own the networks are corporations with charters for profit. A network broadcast whatever it feels will bring more people to view it which directly relates to how much they can charge their advertising clients. That’s step number one for him to understand. The second step, he has to understand there are laws that protect people privacy EVEN IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE and someone videotapes you THAT IS LEGAL, but if they then use that footage to advertise for their business it becomes illegal. So everyone you see on the news being interviewed or that shows their face has to sign an agreement. You say well I’ve been on TV at a sporting event, and I didn’t sign anything. Correct but you agreed to the terms that your face might be shown on the tv if you read the fine print on the back of your ticket or the posted signs at the stadium, so by using that ticket, or walking into the stadium, you agree to their terms.

      But back to the news. Also protected is your identity and medical records. So if you see a hospital liaison on the news talking about or even admitting, they are caring for a person KNOW IT IS FAKE. They would get sued and lose their license to practice. Same if you hear the news broadcasting names of minors that are involved in let’s say a school shooting. ITS ILLEGAL to do that and the network would get sued.

      If you hear them talking about a situation where a crime has been committed, and they discuss details of the alleged shooter calling him or her a murderer before there was even an investigation then know its all BS. The network lawyers will not allow things mentioned on the news that could jeopardize a court case even if what they say is entirely true they would be poisoning the jury pool.

      Get him to start with that and you can show him my documentary on the JFK assassination . In the first part, it goes over this topic in detail.