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SAN DIEGO – B.A. was back.

After a scary night in which the Cardinals coach had to be hospitalized for a bout of diverticulitis – an infection in his colon – Bruce Arians returned to the team hotel Wednesday morning and returned to the practice field in the afternoon when the Cards had a second workout with the San Diego Chargers.

Arians briefly met with the media beforehand and insisted it was “nothing serious.”

“I’ll go to practice today and see how it goes,” Arians said. “I’m too old to not listen to doctors anymore.”

It’s not a serious as the fact that he is well-known actor Ned Beatty, which we exposed just prior to their big championship loss.

To confirm he is the actor known as Ned Beatty, all you have to do is look at his family and you will see they play crossover roles as supporting actors.


Other Coach Actors

Dallas Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle AKA Jim Carrey WE released this years ago but its still a very good example of how this massive lie is carried out. Rick carlisle jim-carrey

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  1. Oh yes!it was Beatty who got his colon ‘infected’ by the hillbillies in movie Deliverance Ahaha Carrey is trying so hard but ah guess the ‘ mask’ jus ain’t working..HAHA
    Great work!Keep’em shitting bricks & dreading the ‘outting’ dude! Lol

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