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JFK Assassination Footage They Didn’t Want You To See.


  This Documentary is the last video you will ever need to view with regards to the JFK Event on Nov 22 1963.   While you are waiting for this documentary you might be interested in a related Video we just released. ¬†Called The Desilu¬†Effect.
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  1. Bohdan Szmuc /

    Hi Ed I have emailed you four times about this already. I am a lifetime member and I have not yet recd the Desilu Effect. My user name is (sew it seams)

  2. Nancy Kidd /

    Ed dont want to be a pest but how long till we get our dvd.nsny

  3. cecelia /

    Did not know where to post this…just want to say “nice work” concerning Jane Fonda and Mary Tyler Moore (few months ago) Looks like she reacted by checking out at “age of 80 years”. Don’t know how to send images…I used a basic search to find pictures of “Jane’s” son at the age of about ten years and “Mary Tyler Moore’s” at the same age. They certainly look like the same chubby faced kid. MTM’s “diagnosis of diabetes” at age 33 looks like a fabrication…the “jane” personality did not have diabetes. As MTM she was probably paid big money to help with raking in the research dollars…same as Michael J Fox and his Parkinson’s fraud and Christopher Reeve with spinal injury research fraud.
    Maybe you could look at pictures of Richard Burton and “Senator” Warner. One checked out just as the other came out of no where to appear in celebrity land. In candid, paparazzi type photos they look very much alike and they are the same height above Liz Taylor. Hair styles, facial expressions, and postures are different. Easy enough for a B grade actor to pull off a different look.

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