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Jan Brewer EXPOSED!


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  1. Pamela Dalton /

    Hi Ed,
    I know Jan Brewer personally, as I used to be a patient at her husband’s chiropractic office in Glendale, AZ. She was the office manager, at that time. She always has been very politically oriented. I can confirm that she is actually Jan Brewer of Arizona. The man standing next to her on the platform, when she was elected, was the very same chiropractic doctor who treated me as a patient. I saw her every time I went for an appointment. The look and voice are the same, although somewhat older.


    • They are who they claim to be from your perspective. But know that’s not who they really are. You are being lied to. If they are military then expecting the databases to be filled with whatever supporting information they need to satisfy prying eyes, and as for ID that simple. The military are above the law during times of war. (Which we still are according to Congress and Obama.

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