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Is Carly Fiorina, Marti Hearst and EXPOSED?


Next time you think your vote counts in the election, think again.  The media conglomerates by way of the legal loophole found in the Candidate oath form, which allows a person to run for office while using a pseudonym.  But made even more problematic when you see the form gives the option for a third person or party to vouch for the candidate’s identity, allowing them to run for office without having to show any form of ID.  This allows the skirting of the campaign finance legislation, which means anyone with enough money can hire an actor and fund their campaign, and if you are part of the Big 6 media conglomerates you can push your acting candidate out in the public’s perception, as they suppress the opposition’s candidates.  So no matter who you vote for, you are simply putting another actor in office who is beholden to the royal families who have owned the media since its beginning.

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Look at the ears. Then validate with the spouse. Father Coughlin (left) and WR Hearst (right)


If you research our presidents you will find that every one of them have a very close tie to the largest media company of the time.

Lincoln had to “sell” his newspaper upon running for office.  Grant’s brother-in-law was the owner of the largest newspaper of the time.  Kennedy’s = publishing.  Open your eyes to who runs the country and you will see it’s the Media conglomerates who are owned and operated by those who back the banks.


I have shown that Obama’s Grandfather is WR Hearst so you can see it’s a desperate attempt to keep control of the oval office.  Looking at Carly’s connection and her past association with John McCain guess what that means for him?

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