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Head Of The IRS Is A Phony

As I watched John Andrew Koskinen (born June 30, 1939) an American businessman and public official of Finnish descent. He served as the Non-Executive Chairman of Freddie Mac from September 2008 to December 2011, retiring from the board in February 2012. On December 20, 2013, Koskinen was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to head the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as Commissioner of Internal Revenue. On December 23, 2013, Koskinen was sworn in as the 48th IRS Commissioner after being nominated by President Obama.[1]

I began to notice that I have seen him before.  I continued watching for a few more minutes until my mind could work out the facial structure and match it with the person he reminded me of.

Then of to search for the evidence to prove he is who I believe him to be.

Check the spouse?   CHECK
Age?   Close Enough CHECK  (They always lie)
Height?  CHECK
Voice?  CHECK

Now for the Biometrics
Dorsal Hand Vein?  CHECK

To learn about hand vein biometrics you can go to  

Hand vein patterns are among the biometric traits being investigated today for identification purposes, attracting interest from both the research community and industry. This paper presents a multimodal system that combines hand-palm vein and hand-dorsal vein biometrics information at the score level. The palm and dorsal veins are considered as texture samples being automatically extracted from the user’s hand image. A 2D Gabor filter is employed for texture feature extraction. For matching, the newly acquired biometric samples are compared with those stored in the system database, at the enrolment stage. The metric used is based on the Hamming distance. A palm and dorsal vein database is built using the proposed acquisition system. This paper proposes a novel multimodal system that combines palm and dorsal vein information at the score level, with the experimental results showing that with the proposed system a much lower Equal Error Rate (EER) can be achieved, in comparison to existing unimodal systems.


John Herschel Glenn Jr. (July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016) was a United States Marine Corps aviator, engineer, astronaut, and United States Senator from Ohio. In 1962 he was the first American to orbit the Earth, circling it three times. Before joining NASA, Glenn was a distinguished fighter pilot in World War II and Korea with six Distinguished Flying Crosses and eighteen clusters on his Air Medal.

He was one of the Mercury Seven, military test pilots selected in 1959 by NASA as the United States’ first astronauts. On February 20, 1962, Glenn flew the Friendship 7 mission; the first American to orbit the Earth, he was the fifth person in space. He received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 1978, was inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1990, and was the last surviving member of the Mercury Seven.

After Glenn resigned from NASA in 1964 and retired from the Marine Corps the following year, he planned to run for a U.S. Senate seat from Ohio. An injury in early 1964 forced his withdrawal, and he lost a close primary election in 1970. A member of the Democratic Party, Glenn first won election to the Senate in 1974 and served for 24 years until January 3, 1999.

In 1998, still a sitting senator, Glenn was the oldest person to fly in space as a crew member of the Discovery space shuttle and the only person to fly in both the Mercury and Space Shuttle programs. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012.

The Biometrics are solid.  The spouse is a match.  Motive and opportunity are obvious.

Check and Mate.

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    Ed l am sorry l am blocked out if my emails .l cant sort it out with google and l need a new phone anyway?l am thinking of starting a new account.l did not get my dvd so l am going to put my address here.12 deerfield place scar.ont.m1k 4 x4 canada.l was looking forward to sharing my dvd.l hope you see this thanks

  2. Marie Anna /

    This corroborates what William Shakespeare (IE Sir Francis Bacon) has stated, “All the world’s a stage, and men and women merely players: they have their exists and their entrances; and one man (or woman) in his time plays many parts, his act being seven stages.”

  3. One of their latest thrusts is hounding countries over ‘black money’ funds that have escaped taxation. Although allegedly concerned only with american expatriate activity the prescribed ‘remedial’ actions include such as removal of specific cash denomination notes. In November last year this was done to India and the extreme inconvenience in trade created forced untold millions to rely on digital transaction Only.
    Welcome to cashless surfdom & don’t forget to take the ‘mark’. Haha
    So who if any had played the ‘ astro-naught’? Was that ever pinned down?

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