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Teddy Roosevelt, Patrick J Kennedy Sr., Fritz Hess, and Samuel Bush

Teddy Roosevelt, Joseph P. Kennedy

Teddy Roosevelt, and Joseph P. Kennedy the senior are the same person. His son Quinn Roosevelt is also Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Giuseppe Kennedy Jr. is the father of its debut bush. We can sell this is correct not only from the biometrics being a match but the fact that the spouses are the match as well confirming the work.


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  1. suz /

    I really would like to forward this article to a german blog writer (K…..), who claimed, that Rudolf Hess’ mother was at his parents home for a visit (during the war…)… and he got very upset, when I quoted a sentence from Robin de Ruiters second Bloodline Book, where he (de Ruiter) wrote, that Hitler had some Illuminatis around him and Hess was mentioned as one of them, too. I wonder what he would say when hearing from you, that Hess was ‘just’ an actor … (We allways were told, that Hess was sent to prison in Berlin Spandau and was hanged there by – british – Secret Service – // officially suicided.)

    (This writer was so upset about that, what de Ruiter or I wrote and he said, that he had been “contacted by the special units” from Neuschwabenland or whatever… and that they demanded ‘satisfaction’ … … so please better ask them …… for more information about Hess …)

    • Hess as well as the other top leaders are all siblings. The Roosevelt family were the core during the time when technology really took it to another level of deception.

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