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I guess I killed Elvis

AND now they are killing off Celine’s brother, who is really her uncle and Rene’s brother (his twin who played Rene while he was playing Elvis)  Nice way to then be able to say,  “NO ELVIS wasn’t Rene, here look at these photos of Rene while Elvis was over here.”  Then show you photos of his twin brother to complete the cover story.

This explains the twin reports they claimed died (yet another cover story) but misspelled the name on the grave leading people to believe something was not correct about their official story.  (yes they would be correct with their suspicions.)

They also claim that Rene was friends with Celine’s brother from childhood.  (That would be accurate but they just change the part about it being his brother and not Celine’s.

It took them one day to react to me releasing the information that Celine’s real mother is Linda Thompson, and her father is Elvis, who is playing the role of her husband Rene, for her to quit all her shows in Las Vegas.  Then it took them one week to begin liquidating the Graceland”s assets.  Then the following week they announced Rene was sick.  Skip ahead a few weeks to yesterday when I released all the info again and dropped hints to the fact that Col Tom Parker’s (Elvis’ manager) involvement in the JFK Assassination hoax.  You will find out more as soon as I finish the documentary.

But as you can see they killed the character off just one day after.   Can you say, Guilty?




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  1. billstory /

    Yup its all over the garbage news stands that people love to read and believe.People are so dumb they just cant handle that they have been lied to there entire life.

  2. Kimbel Halliday /

    Hello y’all! Amazing how Linda Thompson is so physically beautiful. Stunning in fact, but the idea that they, as insiders, cooperate to hoax the public is abominable. When you have these types of talents, celebrity and its power of influence over we the masses is obviously too great… because of all the supposed and alleged ‘whistle-blowers’ not a one has blown their horn about this scam!

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