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I Finally Got You E. Howard Hunt AKA Larry Howard.

From the JFK Assassination, Watergate, Bay of pigs, to 9/11, Hunts have played roles and are still doing so to this day.


I knew Larry Howard quite well.  Each year Robert Groden and myself would travel doing lectures and book signings while High Treason and The Killing of a President (the two books he wrote and I was the medical illustrator) were popular.  We would always stop in to see Larry at the Conspiracy museum located at the West End of Dallas Texas.  You were always sure to find someone there that was either an author on the topic of the JFK assassination or someone associated with that event would always be close by.

When you walked into Larry’s office, the one thing that you noticed was the enormous amount of autographed photographs on the wall that included Larry shaking hands with every celebrity known to man.

It was no surprise for me when I finally figured out who Larry was, and his true connection to the JFK Assassination.  As Jim Marrs recently said, that event was the Trillion Dollar event.  He should know, he’s made a good percentage of that trillion dollars for himself.  Seeing that Larry was the owner of the conspiracy museum it should be no surprise to find out that his family member Conover Hunt was the curator of the 6th floor museum competition.

So they create the event, then provide the business afterwards that profit from their lies and take those funds and reinvest them in future events to continue the cycle over and over.

Another JFK researcher I knew well and just so happens to be a King, and the person they claim shot MLK jr.  Is Jack WHite. No wonder he asked us if we wanted to do an MLK Jr book with him.


I will be complete without my latest JFK documentary soon.  Your help in funding the project is greatly appreciated and a can be done through

If you are unfamiliar with my previous work you can view those documentaries here.

Other events E Howard Hunt was involved in.

Jack Nicholson AKA John Ehrlichman, Dwight Chapman AKA Dan Ackroyd, HR Bob Holderman AKA Tim Conway

Jack Nicholson AKA John Ehrlichman, Dwight Chapman AKA Dan Ackroyd, HR Bob Holderman AKA Tim Conway

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  1. madeincanada /

    Fantastic work Ed! I’ve been looking at this man with the suspicion he was not who and what he held himself out to be for a long time. The dots have now been connected. Just excellent!

    • Thank you. Yes, I also knew there was more to this act and those that always seem to be involved, but never appeared till after the event was over. They are in this game to manipulate the people and he is still doing so with his funding of the alternative media like Ales Jones where he appeared many times going his so called death bed confessions. This is why you see the alternative media pushing the gold and silver market so much. The Hunt Brothers cornered the market in the 70’s and to this day control it (now you know how)

  2. Well, I’m going to have to have a book burning with all my jfk books. Great work. Finally some real answers to all the questions that I’ve had. Now what? My mind is turning a thousand miles a minute. Like I’ve said I can’t believe I couldn’t see it. They played the public good.
    I can think of just one scripture.
    Wo unto the LIAR for he shall be thrust down to hell.

    • I’m producing the third part of my JFK documentary. You will see the Royal involvement in the event and be able to trace the witnesses back to the country of origin who are still in control of this country to this day. We did not win the Revolutionary war, but simply made to believe we did as they placed their KING George Washington in place and set the wheels in motion for the rest of that family to retain control of this nation since that day.

  3. russellkanning /

    Interesting …. I guess I need to stop by the conspiracy museum and tell them that you said “Hi” 🙂

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