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Phillip Seymour Hoffman FOUND

Well if it isn’t my old friend Philip Seymour Hoffman. You know the Academy Award-winning actor that I caught all my Facebook friends list several times. Like he’s got nothing better to do than to hang out on my timeline?

You see the photograph that he sent me where he’s flipping me off, that right there in itself is a violation of the rules. What rules you ask? The rules that the actors must abide by when they are dealing or when they’re confronted with someone who is, of course, exposing them. They are not allowed to react at all to the person because that gives that person credibility and also gives them attention. But he overstepped the boundaries and because of that a few days after I exposed this photograph they killed his character off in of course, my hometown of Philadelphia.

But now we see the actor is still alive and is still playing new roles on the Joe Rogan show as a guest. We know that Joe is associated with sacred cow production, which is owned by Kevin Booth. Kevin Booth if you don’t recall, is the same cameraman and producer that works with Alex Jones.

We have exposed Kevin is playing many roles in the media in these staged events, but most importantly the fact that we have exposed him as a royal should be remembered. And the fact that Alex Jones I have presented as a royal speaks volumes.

In the Philip Seymour Hoffman images below pay attention to his alleged girlfriend or spouse who is his sister if they are following the rules that they typically do. The reason they use a sibling as a spouse is to leverage the celebrity of the famous one, and it also keeps the ability to control any leaks of this scam.


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