Behold The Power Of One

Maybe One Day You Will Listen To Me


And do you know why?

BECAUSE EACH OF THESE EVENTS WERE FICTIONS CREATED BY THE MEDIA.  So of course there is no finding of guilt because there was no EVENT to begin with.

5 of these events I covered and have shown you who the actors were.

Wake up people the real domestic terrorists are the media conglomerates.

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  1. Dr.T /

    You Mean The Amadou Diallo Murder Was Staged??

  2. Oh, hey – You forgot one…

    Ed Chiarini = No conviction

    He He He He He…..

    • mine was real

      • Berta /

        Everything you post is real. What you keep pointing out is that if what you are showing was not true and was defaming those you are outing, they would sue you, no question. But they don’t. They don’t stand a chance in court. So all they can do is attack your site. This ought to prove your point.

        • Correct. I wish they would sue me because then I would get to drag them through discovery and they know that would not turn out so well for them.