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Hitler goes to Disneyland

Update Added CC and language translation.

This video is a presentation showing the fact that the house known as the Berg which was Hitler’s house, is actually the second home of Walt Disney. The home currently is sold but at the time when I was making this video, it was a for sale for $2.4 million. The images that you see from inside the house come from the images that were posted by the realtor, and you can clearly see that the windows are still the same from when it was the Berg. They have changed the driveway, and the front entrance, and removed the infamous stairs that we see in all the photographs. The road that runs along side of the house is still there today, and at the end of the driveway which they’ve changed slightly, is where Roy Disney lived.

The homes that are currently in the neighborhood were not there at the time, therefore it was easy for them to shoot the footage without any type of backdrop.
The mountains in the background, of course were talking about Disney, therefore it was very easy for them to insert into the images since they had a nice hard edge where the brick wall is visible in the photographs.

Remember at that time Disney was also hired to produce the propaganda films for the war if you know the work that I’ve done on the Roosevelts and the fact that Hitler is Kermit Roosevelt you’ll see that the rest of the family members are playing roles as the wellknown Nazis. Making the production of the propaganda pretty easy and cheap since everyone was present at the studio for the shoot. Therefore when you see footage of the Berg and you see individuals that are present at that location, know that everyone that you see in those productions are fake, and are actors. They are actually in California at this location shooting that footage and are not in Germany, or the Swiss Alps.

I posted this video over two years ago and they have removed it 4 times now.

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