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Dallasgoldbug Gets His Cover Blown

This one started off as a simple little video, but over the day it took to edit it grew into a powerhouse.  Hope you enjoy seeing the scum exposed.  Remember to Like and Subscribe and go to to become a member.

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  1. You are a genius with a gift. Thanks for putting this up. Bravo! Keep knocking them down DGB

  2. Walt Oshinsky /

    Thanks for your ;reply. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me personally.

    OK – let’s see if I have it right – pretend that you are in favor of gun ownership but follow up that there is no need for assault type weapons or large magazines holding more than a few bullets and other types of guns except for hunting and protecting your self?

    Bob Golic is on the local FM radio station, WNIR, in the afternoon. It is only 5K watts so it”s on air broadcast only covers a little over 30 miles but it’s internet availability is endless.. It bills itself as a conservative talk show that allows listeners to freely speak their beliefs and thoughts. When anyone talks about what is really going on like you do vs. what the “Washington owned media” is stating, they play “conspiracy music” and seldom agree to any extent which is understandable because, after all, they are a “for profit” radio station but at least they allow discussion to occur. They made it fairly easy for “anyone” to comment on the air without censoring much at all.

    Bob’s on air comments have always seemed to support gun ownership and the station has a local gun shop as a regular advdrtizer.

    • You do understand you are talking to the person responsible for the Supreme Court Victory that made texas pass the open carry law, correct?

  3. Walt Oshinsky /

    The rally was in support of gun ownership, What’s wrong with that?