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Whether or not Anna and the author of this article were being sincere or playing around (remember she is a  comedian)  The result of their statement bring more people to my website.  My goal and the goal of, is to inform the public of the ability of the actors to do play these roles while remaining out of reach of prosicution if caught.  So again, regardless of their intentions the result is more people become aware of the actor based reality that I am exposing.



Big thanks to and

I must give credit to Andy for having the guts to validate my work and publish his findings on I don’t know Andy, have never met or spoken to him and have no affiliation with

I hope that he and Gawker continue to report on the rest of the candidates I have exposed so that one day the people of this nation will realize the loophole in the system that allows a person to run for office and never have to show any form of identification. Furthermore, they are not bound to disclose this to their constituents.

Changing this loophole will put severe restraints on those who are willing to abuse positions of power. As it stands today, we the people have no ability to hold elected officials accountable since we do not know their birth names and cannot file papers in court.

Some of those individuals who have abused our trust are as follows:


Donald Trump Come on people, do you believe his name is Trump? As in to trump the competition.  He runs on the platform that the other candidates are liars.  Hahahaha OH MY, excuse me while is catch my breath from laughing.  What’s not funny is the people have fallen for the scam.

Look at his wife. Then look at his daughter. Do they look like sisters? That’s because they ARE sisters and both his daughters from his real wife.

But don’t stop there if you want to validate it just ask Ron Masak the actor.   He is the person playing the role of Trump.

the donald, donald trump, Ken Maisak

Donald Trump is a Pseudonym. Like you didn’t know that already.


Hillary Clinton (board member of Walmart) You might remember her from playing the role of the mother in the Partridge Family tv show. She is the actor known as Sherly Jones. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is look in the front row of where ever she has a speaking engagement, and you will find her husband, Marty. (Who is the same person as her first husband who they claim died but didn’t)

This photograph comes from a Picassa Web album and it shows Hillary Clinton, speaking to an audience and in that audience. We see Marty Ingalls, who is surely Joan's husband and after the analysis we can clearly see that Shirley Jones is playing the role of Ellery Clinton.

This photograph comes from a Picassa Web album, and it shows Hillary Clinton (board member of Walmart), speaking to an audience and in that audience. We see Marty Ingalls, who is surely Joan’s husband and after the analysis, we can clearly see that Shirley Jones is playing the role of Hillary Clinton (board member of Walmart).

Bernie Sanders This one is the big one since he is the one they will put into office. The claims of him being funded by private individuals are true. But they intentionally leave out the fact that those private funding sources are the same private sources of financing that support the Federal Reserve Bank. So Bernie AKA Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, the head of the Rothschild banking family would love to sink their stranglehold beeper around the neck of this country. If he makes it to the office you can mark my words you will see nothing but conflict and wars across the globe. Remember they are the banking families that funded both sides of EVERY war in history.

Evelyn D Rothschild, the father of actor Steve O is also playing Bernie Sanders presidential campaign candidate.

Evelyn D Rothschild, the father of actor Steve-O is also playing Bernie Sanders presidential campaign candidate.


Marko Rubio, This one is another big one since his funding comes from individuals who they claim has an endless supply of cash to invest in the campaign. Well, I should say so since that investor is none other than his grandfather who you better know as Benjamin Lear. Yes, the same Benjamine Lear that is responsible for hundreds of your favorite TV classics. He is the man and running the conflicts we see on the news like in Fergason,  Mike Brown murder and many other made for TV drama that you believe are real but are just scripted out productions using their family members as actors. See my video on the Mike Brown rally and you will see him standing with his signature white hat in the front of the crowd. dexter


As for the others, we have already knocked out of the race.



Jeb and Columba Bush

Jeb and Columba Bush

If any of the others would like to step forward, I would be happy to expose them as well.  Don’t know who you will have left to run.  Maybe I should.  At least, you would know my birth name and will be accountable for my actions.

horace-g-brown obamas-grandmother-dies-5

And don’t even get me started on the current one since he’s one of Richard Pryor’s sons and the Grandson of Hearst.


Channel-Art-Template5 cant-help-himself huckabee3 4vHM2nUMCqI.jpg lincholn-chafee george-p-bush tn-shooter ledgerfinal-Recovered neilbush_tom_udall_sm

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  1. domchef /

    is Jeff Sessions ,Robert Gates?

  2. OK. I see Shirley Jones ear biometrics with Hillary. She is also very likely the “dead” daughter of George H W Bush, “Pauline “Robin” Bush. We are aware that these families have children who “die” then live again to take on a persona. She does look a lot like “Bernie Sanders” AKA Sir Evelyn Rothchild. However, she also looks like Bill Clinton as perhaps a cousin or half sister. George “W” Bush called Bill “a brother by a different mother.” Of course Hillary is his sister by the SAME mother! Very likely they are all related, which is your point all along.

    • Yes typically they will use siblings so it’s possible he is a half brother. Remember his mother is a Cassidy, but once married was a Blithe. Which is Bill’s real last name so they say.

  3. I”m not convinced about Hillary. Maybe I missed your main poster on her. We need more biometrics, of ear or veins.


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