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French Prime Minister Exposed

We have yet another foreign elected official not who they say they are.  When will the world wake up to these actors and their psychological stranglehold they possess on the people they are elected to represent?  They think they are choosing a person they can trust but in reality, are just handing the role to whatever conglomerate that is paying the actor.

If France is anything like the US, they will have something similar to the Oath of Candidacy form a potential candidate fills out for them to be considered running in an election.  I have covered the importance of this form many times in the past.  But if you are new to this information you will need to watch this video.

Google Oath of Candidacy forms and see for yourself.

Other French Officials




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  1. yeah I like how they tried to spin it with him losing weight and then claiming he gained it back.

  2. Wow!well if the French nationalists ever get in a lynching mood they now know who to really go after haha I kinda figured gatfelli looked like jackass Knoxville guess ah wus wong

  3. Newman exposed is great! Love it!

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