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The Planet Is Not Flat. End of Story.


Not that the people who push the flat Earth Bull will shut up after they see once again the facts that are easily observed with their own eyes. But I’ll let you see them cry all on their own as they throw a temper tantrum knowing their game is over.  We know they are being paid by the Royals who own the media who profit from the propagation of the lie when you buy their books and video along with watch youtube clips with banner ads on them.

We know they are being paid by the Royals who own the media conglomerates who profit from the propagation of the lie when you buy their books and videos.  Every time you click on another youtube video link you are providing them a profit.


My goal a few months ago was to find simple observable evidence that could prove without a doubt that in fact,  we are on a spheroid shaped planet.

The fools pushing the flat earth crap won’t let you use facts like Copernicus and the phases of venus to prove the point.  since they seem to think because Copernicus was a mason that the facts somehow don’t add up.

So I kept looking for evidence that could be evaluated by the average person without any special equipment. Then I realized observable evidence is the fact that tornados on the northern hemisphere spin opposite of those in the southern hemisphere

I see it as very easy to debunk simply by the fact that if you look at a tornado in the northern hemisphere and look at a tornado in the southern hemisphere. You will notice something is different.  On one hemisphere, it rotates in one direction, and on the other hemisphere the opposite. If the earth were flat, it would spin in the same direction.

In Australia (The Southern Hemisphere) they rotate Clockwise.   In the U.S. (The Northern Hemisphere.) They rotate counter clockwise. Here is your experiment If you grew up in the northern hemisphere, I want you to picture a tornado in your mind, note how it spins.   It rotates counterclockwise.   Here is a video to help you imagine it.

Now watch this video and you immediately feel that something is wrong with it because you are used to seeing the tornado spin in a particular direction your entire life so you will notice it immediately.

This is because we are in different hemispheres of the globe and as a side note, the toilet flush thing that’s a myth.  It only spins like that because of the direction of the water is pushed into the bowl.



More Evidence we live on a spherical planet

Further proof we live on a sphere as you can see the spin of water rotates differently per the hemisphere it’s on.  Thanks to Stef P for the video link.

The next post I made

UPDATE Oct 11, 2016 @ 07:00

As a spheroid, you see the sun for 24 hours.  You can’t if the earth is flat.  This is proof.  So all those who want to question it after viewing this video are either not very bright or in bed with those who are positioned to deceive others for personal gain.


After putting some more thought into this situation it suddenly hit me.

If you are standing on the northern hemisphere at the same time a person is standing you the southern hemisphere and you both look at the moon.  What will you see?  You will see the moon from the perspective of that hemisphere and that means the moon will be flipped or opposite from the other person’s perspective.

Look at the largest crater Tycho (/ˈtaɪkoʊ/) is a prominent lunar impact crater located in the southern lunar highlands, named after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601).

Note it’s position.  now look at the video from the other hemisphere and you will see the image is flipped because they are on the other hemisphere of the SPHERE planet.  CASE CLOSED.

If you were thinking about giving money to these flat earth people I hope you have now rethought that decision.  If you are looking to support someone who consistently shines the spotlight on the actors who are part of this lie consider supporting this site.

Another project we have scheduled is the collection of the airborne particulates known as chemtrails and bring a sample to the ground for testing.    If you want to take part in that project you can via paypal at


  1. explain how the time lapse photos of the stars around the north pole would even be possible on a TILTED SPINNING BALL. Seriously your “proof” of viewing an item spinning in different directions can happen in one room walking from one side to another.

  2. William lane /

    O that’s so cool

  3. William lane /


  4. William lane /

    Ok you are clearly smart enough do what ever that was but you must have realized that they are people smart enough to see that you are not trying to teach but indoctrinate please try and put out something helpful without your buyis

  5. William lane /

    What a f cking Jack off how about making a video starting with out your opinion and just the facts couldn’t even watch them dumb ass !!!!!!!! Try again

  6. Well how do you explain trees with calm leaves on a earth that’s supposed to be rotating 1,030 MPH?

    And in response to this statement “I see it as very easy to debunk simply by the fact that if you look at a tornado in the northern hemisphere and look at a tornado in the southern hemisphere. You will notice something is different. On one hemisphere, it rotates in one direction, and on the other hemisphere the opposite. If the earth were flat, it would spin in the same direction.”

    Anticyclonic tornadoes prove that idea to be false. I don’t think the earth is technically flat, but I do believe the PLANEt we live on is a plane (leveled surface)

  7. Lisa knowles /

    Hey Ed. I wanted to post this on this thread but there was no reply box.

    Looking at the “Dan Pratt” character in that link I couldn’t help but instantly think of him when I saw the murderer of UK MP Jo Cox “Thomas Mair” in this link.

  8. I looked at the flat earth info and came to the conclusion the earth is round . Thanks Ed for your input on the matter. For all you people sitting on the fence about this I would like your opinion on this, at sun rise and sun set what I see when there are clouds is the sun rays streaming upwards through the clouds . If the earth is flat and the sun is stationary above the earth how do the sun rays appear to be going up into the sky. Do you think it is possible for the sun rays to stream upwards if the earth is flat?

    • They are called Crepuscular and Anti Crepuscular rays .

    • Zondar . . . the main thing that you and others alike, aren’t seeing, in regards to the shape of our earth, is that it is scripturally based. The Bible does not lie and for this reason alone one should have no problem believing the earth is geocentric. It is in fact stationary. The sun, moon and stars circle above the (one level surface) earth. Of course if your not a believer in Jesus Christ, you obviously will find all of this hard to receive. I suggest you research some of the verses that speak about the “ends, sides, foundations, pillars and corners” of the earth. It’s important to note that the sun, moon and stars weren’t brought onto the scene until the 4th day. And then it says they were placed (in) the firmament. Anyone can look at the sun and moon and see that they are not that far away. Of course I believed the lie for many years, just like all others, only because we were conditioned to. Many do not understand that the devil literally deceives the whole world, as shown in Revelation 12:9. Even though he is a defeated foe, he’s still entitled to his free reign as god of this world, 1 Cor. 4:4. His time is short though. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!

      • First off You need to remove yourself from the conditioned state you are in. Its a fucking book. Written by royal assholes as a means to control the peasants. People LIE, BOOKS DON’T SAY ANYTHING. THEY ARE WORDS PRINTED BY ROYAL LIARS ON THEIR ROYAL PRINTING PRESSES> Don’t believe me then why is there a copyright on the bible and its LONDON ENGLAND? You are free to distribute the book anywhere on the planet EXCEPT London England.

        Once you come to grips with that and stop trying to use that fiction as something other then the observable scientific methods that prove without the need for some government agency then you can come back and play.

  9. NASA is fraudulent and so is their evidence and manipulated mathematics. Show me an actual picture of Earth, other planets, or a satellite. You cant because its all CGI bs or an artist conceptual drawing. Nice try.

    • Sorry but you are a typical flatearther who cant address the fact that are observable which I have provided. If you want to bash the frauds at nasa you can do so on the nasa page. Address the 360 degree sun at the top of the page.

  10. howardk9000 /

    Sorry Ed, but what exactly does a pendulum prove? And how is this good evidence?

  11. howardk9000 /

    I love this guy Goldbug for the evidence and analysis he presents. I think the globe may be proved by some motion picture films taken from orbiting vehicles… this was at least a couple decades before the CGI capability was it not?. What they (NASA) do NOT seem to prove is that space craft have actually left earth orbit…. or what the stars and sun actually look like once you escape the atmosphere There can be a LOT of profit margin in fraud… That is Defense contractors having to actually produce working missions. Aerospace or Military defense businesses are very compartmentalized due to classified nature… and ‘need to know’ security arrangements.

    It would seem to be an ‘electric universe’. An inquiring mind would likely be interested in what Eric P Dollard (sort of a Tesla v 2.0 has to say not only about the additional dimensions and aspects of what we know as ‘electricity’. The High Priesthood of AstroPhysics provides little of value on this topic of the Cosmology of our micro- or macrocosm (if I am using the word correctly)

    • You are blinded by your own ignorance and determined to defend it even though the the three videos that i posted on this page show you the MATH that you can do yourself (WITHOUT NASA, WITHOUT A TELESCOPE, WITHOUT A VIDEO) just YOU your EYES and the observable proof that is scientifically mathematically provable.

      You can’t even understand the lunar eclipse and how the CURVE of our planet creates the shadow

      If the planet were flay and as you idiots claim the sun and the moon are flying around in a circle and you claim the reason they disapear is due to perspective then you fail because the objects the travel away from us due to perspective get smaller but the OBSERVABLE MOON AND SUN DONT.

      You have no understanding of perspective and how large this planet is. You lace the ability to understand what facts and math prove because you are part of a culture that is being run by a bunch of actors who are paid hollow souls that suck the life from you and cause you to spin in circles and attack anyone your little brain can’t understand.

      Now if you would like to make an argument as per why I’m wrong then you better be specific and list out your facts by number so we can all follow your song and dance as I will show you your error. WITHOUT NASA. WITHOUT VIDEO FROM SOME SATELLITE.

  12. avatareffigy /

    Lol the water spinning is not true. So there goes your credibility. Any more false statements ? It’s obvious it’s flat. I can observe this when I go outside haha. You have to be an absolute blind fool to believe otherwise.

    • You are observing the fact that you are so small (just like your brain capacity) that you don’t even understand the massive size of the planet (DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU CAN ONLY SEE SO FAR BECAUSE OF THE CURVE OF THE PLANET. BUT THAT CURVE IS SO FUCKING SLIGHT THAT YOU CAN’T SEE IT BECAUSE YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO THE GROUND AND ITS MASSIVE? No you have no idea what I’m talking about because you are not smart enough or willing to look at the facts.


      Therefore you sir are an idiot if you still believe the earth is flat. You are full of incorrect information. bad math, inability to comprehend perspective and size and or possibly one of the bullshit artist trying to take up people’s time and cause them to look like the fools you are acting like.

  13. IT--OOOO--IT /

    P.S. WWI might better spend his time digging into the
    genealogies of the likes of LENIN relation – -Leo DiCAPRIO
    and so many other of our public elites – –as the 100th anniversary
    of the Bolshevik revolution swiftly approaches.

    • Why would I care about that? I have exposed lennon and the Roosevelt connection. I dont have time to track down every actor’s baby momma. Let me know when Leo runs for office then Ill be interested.

  14. IT--OOOO--IT /

    AGAIN — – –

    Kubrick’s ‘2001’ is an inside joke confession that ‘space travel’
    and space itself as represented by ‘psy–ants’ – –is a HOAX.

    TAKE another look.

    Startling, but undeniable as things unfold all around us.

  15. Marcus /

    Amazing how hurt people get when you present them with facts. I can’t believe we are even talking about this Dark Age sh*t in the current year.

  16. Really? I am so sad to see that this is the crap you do believe Ed.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t BELIEVE in anything. you examine the facts and make a decision. Leave faith-based hocus pocus at the door.

  17. I have a suggestion. Let’s stop being distracted by this flat Earth vs. globe Earth argument. We can see here in this comment section how brilliantly it works as a divisive wedge. Ed’s work, which reveals these costumed made up actors that are appearing in the news stories on our televisions, is brilliant and valuable. This is a waste of all of our time. Can any of us get in our private rocket ships and fly high enough into the atmosphere to confirm with our own eyes any of these statements being debated here? Flat Earth vs. Globe Earth is a circle jerk argument which always ends up at the same place and never resolves itself. In other words, a giant distraction.

    How about we just let this one go and get back to revealing the a**holes that are causing so many problems in our world.

  18. Copernicus may have been a mason, but that is not why they refuse to hear it is it? or is it that he used confirmation techniques to mathematically to prove his point. I am certain the folklore crowd prefer to promote ignorance and arrogance instead of reason and science. all the best Ed and team.

    • Let’s not forget the pendulum as well mathematically shows the movement of the planet.

      • turleyt /

        A very special pendulum, we should all learn more about, the Foucault Pendulum, was engineered to operate independent of any earthly motion. If that is reliable, the pendulum is the single means I know of verifying a regular motion of the Earth. But how would that work with other unusual geophysical form, such as a toroid or donut shape. I am having problems taking all this in because of the unusual people dedicated to the exploration of the poles–Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Andrea Barnes, and another man, just recently deceased from a solo trek across the Antarctic.

  19. reese rose /

    aside from you being pictured in the sheriff handbook you pull from so often…. this has to be one of the most concerning things ever outta you officer bug…

  20. Dan Walker /

    Not much “evidence” for a spinning ball, spinning at 1024mph, hurling around the sun at 67,000mph, the solar system spinning at 514,000mph. I wonder what new spinning motions they’ll come up with next. Sorry, I like and appreciate your work, but not on this subject. You might wan’t to spend a year or so researching everything, and all sides of the subject and all experiments, and all the evidence before coming to your conclusions.

    • wow what a bias and unsubstantiated comment. There is no evidence at all for what you spew. so you lose either way, no matter what you say, folk aren’t as stupid as you want them to become, [by using those medieval folklore cogitations to trick them]. you are either deceived by their lies, or you are a troll, drone, clone or phony. we shall see; he offered irrefutable proof, you scoffed as if it was trivial. that shows you are not who you say or think you are. simply due to the fact that you do not acknowledge any factual aspect of what he said, presented or offered. nor did you do any independent testing or observational research to offer any possible retort that could maintain any credibility… I call shenanigans on you for ignoring and downplaying factual evidence! that makes you a non-authority in any group that maintains integrity! all the best to you and yours

  21. IT--OOOO--IT /

    CHIARINI is BALKING the unfold with this one

    Jay WEIDNER unmasked ‘The SHINING’ as a confession of the FAKE moon
    landings. But, he too, BALKED the full revelation.

    Kubrick’s ‘2001’ is, in fact, a tongue and cheek joke on the HOAX of ‘space
    travel’ itself. Note the circle jerk erotic subtexts to the first space station
    docking. Note how, once on the moon, the effects suddenly get noticeably
    less convincing. Catch the bathroom joke laid right before the big moon
    surface confrontation with the monolith.

    And then, once in space, it all gets campy – -ends with a deprogrammer’s
    light show – -and ends in a windowless FAKE Louis IV hotel suite
    – — and —FINALLY— a good meal.

    All this culminates is heading back to the womb – -back to the earth
    – – – and BACK to the drawing board of INTEL RUN reality creation.


    • Quoting a movie is like saying you say donald duck as hitler so you know hes disney. ITS A FUCING MOVIE do you not understand why movies are made? TO MAKE A FUCKING PROFIT FROM THEM. Do you think acting is real? You must because you think because a script and actors say something that it must mes its real. ITS A FUCKING MOVIE I DON’T CARE WHAT SOME HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR PUTS IN HIS FILMS THAT HE KNOWS WILL CAUSE YOU FOOLS TO CHANGE YOUR LIVES AND VOMIT WHAT EVER NON SCIENCE ILLUSIONS BULLSHIT THEY CREATE IN THE STUDIO AND TELL YOU ITS REAL AS A MARKETING PLOY.

      Let me guess you were one of those fools running around saying The Blair Witch movie was real? hahahaha

      STOP QUOTING MOVIES AS REALITY. I dont care if they claim they are or are trying to tell you some secret. THEY ARE MOVIES AND THAT MEANS FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

  22. Batman /

    When will you expose which actor is Neil Tyson Degrasse? Bill Nye?

  23. Zachius /

    Ed, I admire your work, I am a paying member of this site. I have to disagree with you on this subject as many others have. With all due respect whilst I respect your investigations I am concerned that you reach that conclusion. I do not believe we are on a spinning globe etc I have studied it for a long time now and reject any globe earth model. respect to you and your works.
    Ed, do you have any information on Dick Gregory, I am not convinced by him and saw a link but no real description of him, linked to Mandela, cosby, pryor, King, etc . Do you have anything further on him?

    • Well I can say you are a fruitloop from mars, but unless I back it up with WHY I believe that so that others can put that information to the test then i WOULD BE NO BETTER THEN YOUR CLAIM. Do yourself a favor and learn the art of arguing. This isn’t a wall where you can spray paint your name and say I WAS HERE. You better keep on spraying and say WHY YOU WERE HERE AND WHY YOU THINK OTHERS SHOULD READ YOUR WORDS>

      You catch what I’m sayin?

  24. Being a Spheriod Satisfies virtually all of the Observed Phenomena but the earth could actually be a pretzel an there’s not 1fuk any of us could do about it so all this flat shit is simply set-up , interference & distraction

    • Correct. It’s just another means for them to scam the public into buying their books and dvds along with dividing the public. That’s how the Royals do it.

  25. Wow man. Always loved you’re stuff, havent been here in a couple months. Really came by to look for any biometrics on the body doubles of Clinton but instead find this.

    You’re the one that sounds like a shill for the Royals even though I know you’ve been exposing them. I know youre not one. But they are the ones that used Copernicus to change the flat earth model to the globe model. They are the ones paying to discredit the truth of the flat earth movement. So either you’re a shill or you’ve completely missed the mark here.

    Either way, there’s no excuse for your tone. You’re better than that.

  26. Bla, bla…! Toungue bla…!

    The keys to my Honda…!!!


  27. Why aren’t the moon phases enough to show the earth’s roundness? Clearly the conjunction of earth and moon create the “new moon.” As the spheres move the moon becomes visible first as a crescent due to the ROUND earth still shadowing most of it. As the shadow moves off the crescent grows larger but is still a crescent for most of the time until it becomes full. You know that it is full when it rises just as much ythe sun goes down, showing that the earth no longer obstructs the view of it.
    Perhaps flat earthers have an explanation for this other than what is, to me, clearly obvious. We all have our reality. Let them have theirs if it makes them happy. It is useless to attempt to convince anyone of anything. The more you argue, the more steadfast they will stay. All of us, no matter what we believe, will hang onto our beliefs until we are ready to change them–or not.

    • Actually the shadow is not due to the earth. It is during a lunar eclipse biut that the only time. Its due to the spherical shape of the moon and its orbit around the earth.

      But at least you are thinking.

  28. GurillaUnit /

    Ed, have you seen Robert Bassanos work, hes an actual physics student who actually calls up NASA officials and debunks a lot of the hubble and sattelite stuff, with actual documentation! his youtube chanel is planetaveritas, its very insighful stuff.

  29. The earth is not a planet. NASA is a satanic freemason lie, research David Wardlaw Scott, Edward Hendrie and Rob Skiba.

    Do not ever in your life say that people like me, a Christian, are working for the elite in regards to a flat earth lie.

    You are a liar to say the earth is not flat and I will take you and anyone else on publicly in this matter and you will lose. Period.

    Read the Complete Jewish Bible and find the word “dome” if you are such a good researcher in truth.

    You have some good content.

    I repeat, you are a liar. The earth is not a globe. The heavens revolve in the dome of the sky, not the earth.

    Do yourself a favor and look into it:

    David Wardlaw Scott

    Edward Hendrie

    Rob Skiba

    Ephesians 5:11

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