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Test My Work And The Fake News. I Dare You!

So you want to see if what I'm telling you is real?  Great! I'm glad you are taking the initiate in doing so. So here is something I have found that I think is quite amusing but at the same time, it shows you the Achilles heal of the fabricated media construct called the NEWS.

If you have been paying attention for the past 6 years you will already know that the video we are shown on the screen is being put there by the distribution networks of the conglomerates that own that particular network.  Since these massive corporations are so large they have holding that covers a vast scope of products not only ones in the publishing world but in retail as well.

Recently you have seen my video where I caught a protestor saying the magic words that caused the network to react and they quickly shut down the live feed the statement was broadcast over.

That is a big clue that most people missed but I didn't.  That's because I know what to look for being so involved in this bullshit I can smell it a mile away.  But don't worry you to can hone your skills and learn to pay attention to the crafted imagery they create and condition the unsuspecting with.

Here is the video for those of you who missed it.

So today I turn on facebook and see a live stream video of a network outlet reporting live at the scene of the protests taking place in DC.  Immediately I spotted the actors beating on Home Depot orange buckets.  BIG CLUE  #1  since the orange bucket is so easily recognizable you know the media outlet showing this product placement has the ok by the lawyers to show it on the air.   If they were to show a product that was not owned by one of their affiliate corps they would be forced to blur it out or cut it from the broadcast.  It would be like a network that is affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway which is a coke company showing people sitting at a table drinking Pepsi products.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  So this means this particular feed is paid for and owned by the conglomerate that owns Home Depot.  So here's what you do.

In the streaming comments section of that live video you post BOYCOTT HOME DEPOT PRODUCTS,  do this a few times and point out the orange buckets are purchased at HOME DEPOT AND YOU SHOULD BOYCOTT ALL THEIR PRODUCTS.

Give it a couple minutes and if you have to say it again so you are sure the lawyers what are watching the broadcast see it and they will immediately shut down the feed.  That's a way you can test if a so-called independent reporter is really independent or is just another paid shill using a fake company name to push the same old construct that has been in place forever.

Know the laws and you will know how to beat these people.


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