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In the past, I have mentioned the dangers of technology that producers will eventually choose, rather than have to hire actors for their news productions. Limitations on quality and several other factors have been the reason we have not seen it being used today. But that’s about to all change. As it appears now, the technology limitations have been met and the only thing stopping them is the cost.

If you understand how media is created (this includes what you see on the news) just like any business you have a budget that is assigned per each story/event. They number calculated from established algorithms. It factors in the stories ability to bring in new viewers, keep existing viewers and it’s longevity to stay in the headlines. Experienced TV executives are valuable, but the streamlining of the process calls for much more reliable methods to determine how much they will spend on a story. Those additional determinants, like sellability (potential for attracting new advertisers, or does it have the ability for product placement in the story) make all the difference determining the potential ROI.

The use of actors is cheap but like working with the live talent, you have to deal with labor laws and conflicts that can cause a production to go over budget. The ability for a production to be able to create with the use of computers the images you see on the screen is very attractive to those who are in control of your perception.

I have said rumours times that when the cost of the software and talent to run it becomes less than that cost of hiring actors, as long as the quality meets the level that the audience can’t tell that what they are watching is computer generated, actors will be out of jobs, and the new era of media manipulation will be in full effect.

This technology you see here is just one more piece in the puzzle that will eventually lead to the complete takeover of what you believe is real but is simply a computer generates reality. The actor based reality we live in now will become the Virtual Based Reality.

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