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Elected Officials Part 1


This list is by far no where near complete since I have investigated and created more the 6000 of these individuals.

Remember when in doubt CHECK THE SPOUSE to verify the work.

Ray plays double roles




Yet Another Senator EXPOSED.

Phillip LaMarr, you might remember from the TV show MADtv.

Is playing a senator from Georgia. You remember the one who stated he thought the Island of Guan might tip over.

You may ask why they would do this? Simple. It all has to do with the media conglomerates who have taken over this country, and they are hungry for content. Since we are naturally non confrontational people they need to artificially start problems and who better to do that with but your own actors you hire and hand them a script.

Post by Ed Chiarini


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  1. russellkanning /

    I like to use these pages for posting of FB when someone mentions a politician 🙂