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Baltimore officials are bogus

Baltimore officials are bogus

Like I’ve said a thousand times before.  If an event is real, there is no need to fake anything

As for Mr. Meadows, you might recognize him from the 70’s playing a Philadelphia city councilman while Frank Rizzo was in office (Frank is of course now Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona)

Meadows also played the role of Osama BinLadin and was one of the DC Snipers.

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  1. Hey Ed, speaking of the actor waiver form, is there any location on site where the DHS active shooter drill plans can be downloaded? I couldn’t find it. I’d like to hurry and get a copy if possible, unless they’ve all been taken out altogether.

  2. hollywood square /

    Wow! showing peoples private e-mails. You don’t even know who I am. That is illegal. You need some serious mental help! You only like people that agree with you. I don’t. That is my right as an American. The 1st amendment! Freedom of speech. Good luck with all this corny website. God Bless.

    • When you have multiple accounts in order to play both ends of the spectrum. YOU have then committed fraud. THAT is illegal. The creation of a pseudonym in order to mislead others. Would you like to try for a third account with the same IP address? Or do you think you can behave?

  3. Proof? Sure here you go. Don’t forget to download the actors waiver form from the site as well

  4. That coming from SNL just proves my case even more. Thanks Actor

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