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David Rockefeller Jr
and David Rockefeller Sr.

My documentaries he appears in.

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David Rockefeller Jr (w/Susan Cohen Rockefeller Wife)

David Rockefeller Jr. (born July 24, 1941) is an American philanthropist and an active participant in nonprofit and environmental areas. The eldest son of Margaret "Peggy" McGrath and David Rockefeller, he is a leading fourth-generation member (known as "the Cousins") of the prominent Rockefeller family, serving on many boards of the family's institutions. His siblings are: Abby, Richard, Peggy DulanyNeva Rockefeller Goodwin and Eileen Rockefeller Growald.

David Jr Playing Sheriff

Comments will be updated soon.

Like Father Like Son

Here you can listen to a phone conversation that took place between David Jr, and myself. Listen to the voice and you can hear that he is also the person that plays Boll Cooper.

He called me, and talked for about 3 hours. I managed to record the last hour.

cooper phone call



David Jr Jim Humble

This one we believe is actually Jr's son. with old age make up on. I was introduced to him as Keith but he goes by different names Scott being another Here is a video of he and his father . You can also catch him in the Aurora Shooting Hoax oplaying the role of a parent.




David Jr Playing Sheriff with Michael Moore

David Jr Playing Sheriff

David Jr and wife Susan Cohen Rockefeller

It has come to our attention that the name is most likely Cohen and not Conn


David Jr Playing the Cousin of Jim Reeves

And we know that Jim reeves played Lee Harvey Oswald.

David Jr Playing Sheriff ARPAIO

The pseudonym he is using is an abbreviation for the following:

AR = Arizona Yes I know AZ is but thats the little game they play.
PA = Pennsylvania where he was Mayor of Philadelphia Frank Rizzo
iO = The Chicago Improve company where he gat his acting skills as did the majority of all the talent he uses for his and his families productions.

Just about all SNL, Mad TV, In living Color, Second City, et al. cast members have some type of training in long form improv that is taught it this school.

David Jr Playing on Jack Ruby's Stage


David Jr and the Great Grand kids and Grand kids

David Sr as Bob Chapman

david sr the nazi

David Sr playing his role as a Nazi

david sr and david jr

David Sr is Jordan Maxwell


Title of Video
Information Category Running Time Summary Content: individuals mentioned in video
Religion and Politicians 18:51

Aldadef, Anita; Alhadef, Joel; Alhadef, Lori Levine; Applegate, Christina; Ballas, Corky; Ballas, Joel; Ballas, Shirley; Barrymore, Drew; Barrymore, Lionel; Benjamin, Medea; Biden, Jean Finnegan; Biden, Joe; Black Pope; Booth, Kevin’ Brooks, Mel; Brown, Bob; Bruckner, Wilhelm; Buffer, Bruce; Buffer, Michael; Cameron, James; Camping, Harold; Carell, Steve; Clarke, Charles; Clarke, Judith ‘Judy’; Clow, Barbara Hand; Cobb, James (Baldwin vs Costner attorney); CodePink; Cohen, Camelia; Cohen, Richard; Cohn, Jodie Hoffman; Coolidge, Calvin; Costner, Kevin; Cruise, Tom; Cruz, Ted; De Vincent, Alexandria; De Vincent, Richard J.; Di Natale, Richard Dr.; Dick, Cressida; Dupnik, Clarence W. Sheriff; Evans, Jodie; Fey, Tina; Fithian, Lisa; G20; Gaddafi, Muammar; Giffords, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’; Goebbels, Josef; Goring, Hermann Wilhelm; Greenberg, Jacob Michael; Greenberg, Maurice Hank; Greenberg, Michael Anthony; Greenberg, Vicki Strong; Greens party interview who I really Susan Rockefeller; Harmon, Liz; Harmon, Riley; Haskell, Kurt R.; Haskell, Lori A.; Harding, Warren G.; Hicks, Bill; Hill, Henry; Hoffman, Gary; Hoffman, Richard; Hoover, Herbert Clark; Hough, Derek; Humphrey, Hurbert Horatio Jr.; Igan, Max; Johannesson, Riali; Jonathan the Page for NBC and Letterman, 30 Rock; Jones, Alex; Josephs, Adam; ‘Officer Bubbles’; Kaczynski, Ted; Kaplan, Benjamin; Kardashian, Robert; Kolvenbach, Peter Hans; Lakewood Church; Landau, Martin; Lee, Wayne, J. (Baldwin vs Coster attorney); Legarde, Christine; Loughner, Jared Lee; Madoff, Bernie; McCain, John; McCollum, William; McGurk, Brett; McVeigh, Timothy; Mitchell, Thomas; Mondale, Walter; MoveOn.org; Navratilova, Martina; Nichols, Kelly Rebecca; Occupy; Osteen, Dodie; Osteen, Joel; Osteen, Victoria; Page, Jimmy; Palin, Sarah; Panetta, Leon; Paterson, David; Piotrowska, Aneta; Pittenger, Lela; Platt, Campion; Radtke, Jamie; Rand, Ayn; Rappaport, Jill; Rhee, Peter Dr.; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Rockefeller, Susan Cohn; Rogan, Joe; Roosevelt, Elliott; Rudolph, Eric; Ruebens, Paul; Sagan, Carl; Sandusky, Jerry; Sarandon, Susan; Schiff, Peter; Scott, Craig; Sebelius, Kathleen; Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg; Shannon, Molly; Silverman, Sarah; Simpson, O.J.; Smith, Roger Guenveur; Smith, Susan; Strauss-Kahn, Dominique; Teachers Unions; Thomas, Helen; Underwear Bomber; Vara, Mike; Wallas, Dan; Walsh, John; Waters, Larissa; Widmere-Schlumpf, Eveline; Wilson, Woodrow; Wiltfong, Bob; Winkler, Henry; Winters, Jonathan; Wohl, Denise V.; Yauch, Adam; ‘MCA’; Zuckerberg, Mark; Zuckerman, Phyllis
Kennedy 1:05:32

Kennedy Assassination
Abrams, Ellen; Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud; Arpaio, Joe Sheriff; Asner, Ed; Bachmann, Michele; Benavides, Domingo; Biden, Joe; Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys; Bohrman, Stan; Brady, Jim; Brady, Sarah; Brooks, Rebekah; Brzezinski, Zbigniew; Bush, Neal; Bush, Barbara; Bush, George H.W.; Bush, George W.; Bush, Prescott; Canal Street Madam; Cardon, Wil; Carousel Club; Carter, Jimmy; Carter, Rosalynn; Cavett, Dick ; Chapman, David; Chapman, Georgina; Chase, Chevy; Clinch, Jeremy; Cline, Patsy; Condit, Gary; Connally, John; Connally, Nellie; Cooper, William Milton ‘Bill’; Crazy Guy from OWS; Cretz, Gene Ambassador; D.C. Madam; D’Onofrio, Vincent; Dallas Police Department; Dealey Plaza; Dickhouse Productions; Dien, Casper Van; Disney, Walt; Dunn, Ryan; Finnerty, Frank Dr.; Forristal, Susan; Gaddafi, Moammar; Gaga, Lady; Galifianakis, Zach; Garza, Alana De La; Ginsberg, Ruth Bader; Goldwater, Barry; Good Night America March 6, 1975; Greenberg, Claudia; Greenberg, Maurice; Greer, Stephen; Gregory, Dick; Groden, Robert J.; Harry, Deborah Ann; Hartman, Phil; High Treason; Hill, Jean; Hinkley, John Warnock; Hinkley, Scott; Hitler, Adolf; Huxley, Aldous Leonard; Iannarelli’s Measurement; Image edition techniques; Ingraham, Laura; INS; Jacobs, Robert Prof; Jobs, Steve; Johnson, Lyndon B.; Jones, Alex; Jones, Alex in disguise for Dallas Occupy Oct. 6, 2011; Jones, Lesley-Ann; Kay, Kathy; Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier; Kennedy, Jackie; Kennedy, Jacklyn; Kennedy, John F. ‘JFK’; Kennedy, Joseph Sr.; Kennedy, Robert ‘Bobby’; Kerry, Richard J.; Khan, Imran; King, Martin Luther Jr.; Kissinger, Henry; Kline, Kevin; Kravis, Henry; Kravis, Marie-Josee; Lacy, Preston; LaGreca, Jesse; Lane, Mark; Lass, Barbara; Leakey, Arundell David; Lennon, John; Lens Distortion; Levy, Chandra Ann; Library of Congress; Lippman, Noelle; Little, Rich; Mack, Gary; Maier, Jeanette; Manson, Charles; Marrs, Jim; Maxwell, Jordan; McCain, John; McKean, Michael; Mercury, Freddie; Michael, Lorne; Michaels, Lorem; Michaels, Lorne; MLK; Monroe, Marilyn; Moore, Terry; National Archives; November 22, 1963; O’Toole, Annette; Oberman, Keith; Occupy Protestor With Tattoo is Manson Actor; Oswald, Lee Harvey; Oswald, Marguerite; Oswald, Marina; Oxenberg, Catherine; Palfrey, Deborah Jeane; Palin, Sarah; Palin, Todd; Paterson, David; Photography; Pixel Bleed; Platt, Campion; Poe, Edgar Allen; Polanski, Roman; Porter, Marina; Post production; Ray, James Earl; Ready, J.T.; Reagan, Ronald; Reeves, Jim; Reeves, John Rex; Reeves, Mary Adams; RFK; Ritter, John; Ritter, Tex; Rivera, Geraldo; Rizzo, Frank; Rockefeller, Abby; Rockefeller, Jay; Rockefeller, John D. Jr.; Rockefeller, Michael Clark; Rockefeller, Nelson; Rockefeller, Rodman Clark; Romney, Ann Lois; Roosevelt, David Jr.; Roosevelt, David Sr.; Roosevelt, Kermit Carow; Roosevelt, Quentin; Rove, Karl Christian; Rubenstein, Jacob Leon; Ruby, Jack; Ryan, Janna; Ryan, Paul; Santorum, Rick; Seigner, Emmanuelle; Singleton, Dorthea ‘Doris’; Sirhan, Sirhan Bishara; Smith, Anna Nicole; Smith, Billy; Smith, Daniel Wayne; Saturday Night Live; SNL; Soros, George; Stapleton, Jean; Steel Magnolia; Stein, Ben; Stein, Chris; Stein, Herbert; Stevens, Christopher; Stossel, John F.; Strong, Maurice F.; Tate, ; haron; Texas Playboys; The Killing of a President; The Mark; Tippitt, J.D.; TomKen8D2; Townsend, Charles ‘Bud’; Tremaine, Jeff; Trump, Donald; Tucker, Jim; Vento, Bruce Rep.; Vineyardgazette.com; Vitter, David Sen.; Weinstein, Harvey; Weinstein, Miriam; White, Jack; Wills, Bob; Windsor, Lady Sophie; Winehouse, Mitch; Winkler, Henry; Wohl, Denise Vladimir; Wolf, Dick; Yasbeck, Amy Marie; Zapruder Film; Zellweger, Renee
Politicans 9:26

Acton Actor; Acton the Actor; Acton, David; Alhadef, Gary DDS; Allred, Gloria; Anderson, David Det. Sgt.; Baldwin, Alec; Baldwin, Daniel; Berglee, Clifton; Blum, Dale; California; Chaney, Nick; Crying Wolf movie character; Emerson, Earl; Fey, Tina; Frontline; Gibbs, Kevin; Gold and Silver Scam; Greenberg, Anne ‘Annie’ Levitman; Greenberg, Tony; Herbert, Stacey; Hicks, Bill; Huffington, Arianna; Johnson, Gary; Jones, Alex; Kaplan, Joan; Keiser, Max; Lakewood Church; Levitman, David; Mack, Richard Sheriff; Maloney, Mike; McCain, John; Miller, Ken; Mister Disaster; Montana; Morning Mayan; Oath Keepers; Olsteen, Joel; Pence, Nancy; Prince William; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Russia Today RT; Sexton Family; Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg; Tremaine, Jeff; Vonkleist, Dave; West, Linda; Wetherill, William F.; Wilcox, David; Winkler, Henry
Aurora Shooting 9:30

Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting; Barnett, Ryan; Bertinelli, Valerie; Brooks, Jarell; Brown, Andra Lt.; Chambers, Carol; Curtin, Jane; Elliott, Abigale ‘Abby’; Farrow, Jared Antonio; Franklin, Bonnie; Harrington, Pat Jr.; Holmes, James; Jennifer mother with 2 kids Leggaretta; Kent, Corbin J.; Legarreta, Patricia; Mantegna, Joe; Meloni, Christopher; Oates, Daniel Chief; One Day at a Time; Pharoah, Jay; Saturday Night Live SNL; Schneider, Duane; Sylvester, William B. Judge; Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk; Alexander, Carolina; Alhadef, Brad; alhadef, Joel; Allen Park Homicide Hoax; Anthony, Casey; Anthony, Caylee; Arpaio, Joe Sheriff; Aviles, Candice; Bachelorette; Baldwin brothers; Barber, Ron; Barnett, Bryan; Barnett, Daniel; Barnett, Diane; Barnett-Smith, Heather (Ryan's Cousin); Blumberg, Kenny; Bravo; Brown, Pat; Burns, Peter; Chicago iO Improve Theatre; Cohen, Andy; Coon, Tanner; Corbett, James; Cruise, Tom; Dolliver, Samantha; Facebook; Federal Communications Commission FCC; Fey, Tina; Flag, Josh; Gerwig, Greta; Ghawi, Jason; Ghawi, Jessica; Giffords, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’; Giudice, Gia; Goldberg, Whoopie; Gonzalez (activists); Green, Christina Taylor; Greenberg, Anne ‘Annie’; Greenberg, Corinne Zuckerman; Greenberg, Jacob Michael; Greenberg, Matt; Greenberg, Maurice; Greenberg, Maurice; Greenberg, Sidney; Greenberg, Tony; Greenberg, Tony; Greenway, Danielle; Hall, Chris; Harmon, Liz; Harmon, Liz Kaplan; Harmon, Tanner (Liz Harmon's son); Hebert, Ashley; Holmes, James; Initial Public Offering IPO; Irving, Christopher ‘Chris’; Jamie Kennedy Experiment; Jonestown Massacre; Kaplan, Glenn (Liz's Brother); Kayla Manson; Kennedy, Jamie; Leakes, NeNe; Luyendyk, Arie Race Car Driver Scottsdale, AZ; MadTV; Maricopa County, AZ; McMahon, Emma; Medical Center of Aurora; Million Dollar Listing; Minkovski, Alyona; Murphy, Eddie; Nelson,Javon; Nguyen, Julia; Occupy Dallas; Occupy Wall Street; Otermat, Paul; Portnaya, Marina; Post, Erwin; Rappaport, Jill; Real Housewifes of Atlanta; Real Housewifes of New Jersey; Riviera Beach; Rizzo, Frank; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Rodman, Dennis; Rohrs, Azaiah; Rohrs, Ethan; Rohrs, Jamie; Rooker, Michael; Rowan, Camilla; Russia Today RT; Scottsdale, AZ; Securities and Exchange Commission SEC; Seeger, Jennifer; Sexton, Emily; Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg; Sexton, Samantha; Sexton, Samantha; Skechers USA; Snyder, Bob Dr.; Sullivan, Alex; Sullivan, Tom; The Today Show; Underwear Bomber; Whale, Tim; Zimmerman, Gabriel ‘Gabe’; Zuckerberg, Mark
Occupy and G-20 19:11

AIG; Ambellas, Shepard; Bachelorette; Baldwin, Alec; Baldwin, Steven ‘Steve’; Barr, Roseanne; Belushi, John; Bilderberger; Blood, Jack; Brand, Russell; Bravo; Cartwright, Nancy; Chicago Theater IO ImprovOlympic; Cooley, Melanie; Cruise, Tom; Dennehy, Brian; Dice, Mark; Dunn, Ryan; Ehren, Danger; Gaga, Lady; Galecki, Johnny; Glover, Stephen ‘Steve-O’; Greenberg, Maurice Hank; Greenberg, Michael Anthony; Greenberg, Tony; Hansen, Beck ‘Beck the Musician’; Holmes, Katie; Intelhub; Jackass; Jonathan the Page for NBC and Letterman, 30 Rock; Kennedy, Edward ‘Teddy’ ‘Ted’; Kennedy, Jamie; Lerner, Michael; Loughner, Jared Lee; Luyendyke, Arie Jr.; Manson, Marilyn; McGhehey, Ehren; Menard, Emily; MoveOn.org; Occupy; Pittman, Brandon Lee; Pontius, Christopher ‘Chris’; Rense, Jeff; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Rockefeller, David Sr.; Simpson, Bart; Soros, George; Spears, Britney; The Artist Formerly Known as Prince; The Party Boy; Tomazic, Nicholas; Tremaine, Jeff; Truther Movement; Tuskin, Bob; Warner, Brian Hugh
Sandusky 15:20

Alexrod, David M.; Alhadef, Joel; Amendola, Joseph; Arpaio, Joe Sheriff; Bachelorette; Beaufieu, Adam; Becker, Jo; Booth, Kevin; Bravo; Buffett, Warren; Cleland, John M. Judge; Cohen, Andy; COINTELPRO; Columbine School Massacre; Costner, Kevin; Cowie, Colin; Curfman, Shannon; Dough, Derek; Dr. Phil Show; Dunn, Ryan; East Side Madam; Farrell, Sean Patrick; Giffords, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’; Giffords, Gloria; Goode, Wilson; Grammer, Kelsey; Greenberg Family; Greenberg, Anne ‘Annie’ Levitman; Greenberg, Jacob Michael; Greenberg, Maurice Hank; Greenberg, Michael Anthony; Greenberg, Tony; Greenberg, Vicki Strong; Greitzer, Marty; Harmon, Jordan; Harmon, Liz; Harmon, Riley's Cousin; Harris, Rob; Hicks, Bill; Interbranch Communication on Juvenile Justice; Jackass; Johnston, Gary; Jones, Alex; Jong-Il, Kim; Kasparian, Ana; Kelley, Linda L.; Kelley, Mark; Klebold, Dylan; Landau, Martin; Lax, Stacey Tollman; Lee, Brandon; Lewinsky, Monica; Malkovich, John; Maynard, Emily; Mayor of Philadelphia; McKean, Michael; Nugent, Ted; Olsteen, Joel; PA Attorney General; Parker, Trey; Patz, Etan; Penn State; Perot, Ross; Poitier, Sidney; Rappaport, Jill; Rizzo, Frank; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Salzwedel, Sam; Sandusky, Dottie; Sandusky, Jerry; Sarandon, Susan; Scott, Craig; Sexton, Emily; Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg; Sexton, Richard; Sexton, Samantha; Shimkus, Joanna; South Park; Spears, Britney; Stone, Matt; Storm, Jennifer; Stranglehold; Strauss-Kahn, Dominique; Team America World Police; The Young Turks; Virginia Tech University; Walsh, Adam; Wohl, Arden S.; Wohl, Ellie; Zabka, William Michael; Zuckerberg, Mark
Main Family of Actors 33:40:00

AIG; al-Awlaki, Anwar; Alderich, Abbie; Auschwitz; Bartlett, Jamie; Basti, Abel; Birth Certificate Fraud; Brickel, Loud Mouth Kid; CodePink; Columbine School Massacre; Cooper, William ‘Bill’; Dreamworks; Dunn, Ryan; Edmonds, Sibel; Eichmann, Adolf; Escobar, Pepe; Eugenics; Federal Reserve; Giffen, David; Giffords, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’; Globalism: How the Globalize World Is Dissolving Into Liquid War; Grandma Myrna Mother of Anne Greenberg; Green, Christina Taylor; Green, Dallas; Green, John Jr.; Greenberg, Anne ‘Annie’ Levitman; Greenberg, Maurice Hank; Greenberg, Michael Anthony; Greenberg, Nancy Strong; Greenberg, Nancy Strong; Greenberg, Tony; Greenberg, Vicki Strong; Groden, Robert J.; Harris, Eric; High Treason; Hochhalter, Anne Marie; Johnson, Gary; Jones, Alex; Jones, Jennifer Jade; Joy, Rebecca; Katzenberg, Jeffrey; Klebold, Dylan; Laden, Omar Bin; Laden, Zaina; LaFontain, Edwina; LaGreca, Jesse; Libyan Revolutionary; Lindauer, Susan; Manning, Brian ‘Father’; Maxwell, Jordan; Mengele, Josef Dr.; MoveOn.org; New World Order; Obama, Barack Hussein; Occupy; Operation Paperclip; Parker, Trey; Pima County Sheriffs; Ponce, William Sgt.; Ponce, William Sgt. (his son and daughter); Quartzsite; Reporter Host Press TV BraveNew; Rhodes, E. Stewart III; Riley, Joyce; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Rockefeller, David Sr.; Rothschild, Davd de; Russia Today RT; Sachs; Sexton, Emily; Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg; Sexton, Patrick; Sexton, Richard; Sexton, Samantha; Shidamantle, Debbie; Soros, George; South Park; Spielberg, Steven; Stone, Matt; Strong, Maurice; Taitz, Orly; United Nations UN; Violence and Extremism Program; Volcker, Paul; Watson, Paul; Weare New Hampshire Police Protest; Wikileaks; Wohl, Arden S.; Wohl, Denise V.; Wohl, Ellie; Zuccotti Park
Truth EXPOSED Series 15:25

BBG; Beckner, Mark Cmdr.; Broadcasting Board of Governors; China's CC TV; Chu, Judy; Death of Innocence; Dupnik, Clarence W. Sheriff; Flake, Jeff; Franks, Trent; Giffords, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’; Green, Dallas Jr.; Grijalva, Raul; Hunter, Alex DA Boulder; Iran's Press TV; Issacson, Walter; Johnson, Gary; JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation; Jones, Jennifer Jade; Kane, Mike; Kastigar, Richard ‘Rick’ J.’ Katzenberg, Jeffrey; ; Leone, Bill Colorado US Attorney (former); Loughner, Jared Lee; Mahoney, Carolyn Rep. NY; McGahee, Ben; Morgan, Bryan; Mt. McSauba Day Camp, Michigan; National Archives and Records Administration NARA; Nevada Organic Farm Raid Faked; Obama, Barack Hussein; Pima County Community College; Ponce, Jr.; Ponce, William Sgt.; Pozner, Larry Attorney; Quartzsite; Ramsey, Beth; Ramsey, Burke; Ramsey, John; Ramsey, Patsy; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Rockefeller, Susan Cohn; Russia Today RT; Scheidemantel, Debbie; Schweikert, David; Sexton, Richard; Smit, Lou; Thomas Registry; Venezuela's Telestar; Williams, David; Wood, Lin Attorney
Truth EXPOSED Series 15:03
911; Assange, Julian; Breivik, Anders Behring; Chicago 7; Chicago Seven; Coca Cola; Disclosure Project; Disney World; Disney, Walt; Disneyland; Dreamworks; Fowler, Christopher; Frederici, Joshua; G20; Giffords, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’; Glaser, Elizabeth; Glaser, Paul Michael; Hitler, Adolf; Hunter, Alex DA Boulder; IBM; Jacobs, Bob Dr.; Johnson, Gary; Kastigar, Richard ‘Rick’ J.; Katzenberg, Jeffrey; Lamo, Adrian; Lee, Rick Det.; Linton, Michael; Manning, Bradley E.; Mansen, Charles ‘Charlie’; Mouse, Mickey; National Archives and Records Administration NARA; NAZI; Normandy; Norway Massacre; Occupy; Polsen, Kevin; Propaganda Videos; Ramsey, JonBenet; Reardon, Tom; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Sands, Julian R. Mority; Sexton, Jennifer Greenbery; Sexton, Richard; Sony; Soros, George; The’Hipster Cop; Thomas Registry; Ulrich, Elaine; Wall Street; Watts, Jessica AIPAC; Weather Underground; Weiss, Dave; Wikileaks; Winkler, Bea; Winkler, Henry; Wired Magazine; WW2
Politicians 13:11

Applegate, Christina; Brown, Bob; De Vincent, Harley; Knoxville, Johnny; Milne, Christine; Rockefeller, David Jr.; Silverman, Sarah



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