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My Letter to Wikipedia About Columbine

Since we can clearly see the event was a drill by looking at the videos I discovered, The lie must come down off of Wikipedia’s columbine page. But they are refusing to do so and are sticking to the lie even after they are confronted with the video evidence. Let them know how you feel and force them to address the facts.

Columbine The Evidence for the Prosecution.

Dear Wikipedia, I am writing to you as a published Medical Illustrator, with two best-selling books to my name. Both written by Robert J. Groden the leading authority on the JFK Assassination. My work in the books (“High Treason, and “The Killing of a President”) are copyrighted and credited to me along with special thanks at the beginning of The Killing of a President, where Robert writes… And for his encouragement and artistic Genius, Ed Chiarini. Pretty impressive considering I was 16 when the first book went bestseller and 18 for the second.

I was educated at The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, and am also an Honorably Discharged Air Force Vet. I was trained as an Avionics Tech for F15’s and F22’s Aircraft while in the service.

Over the years I have held positions that range from Director level to Chief Creative Officer, as well as run my own studio off and on for the past 20 years.

I Co-produced the video documentary by Robert J. Groden entitled “JFK The Case for Conspiracy” which I negotiated a deal to release it domestically through Blockbuster Video. In that productions, I am credited as the Director of Photography.

For the past five years, I have been studying the use of Ear Biometrics as a form of identifying individuals in investigations. If you are not familiar with this accepted form of bio-metric, I will encourage you to search the term Ear Biometrics on the site where you will find thousands of established peer review studies.

My work as a medical illustrator combined with over 25 years Professional Experience with Photoshop and Image Forensics, combined with my 15 years of working in my own darkroom with various photography projects gives me a very solid background and resume. In fact substantial  enough that I have been called on by the FBI as an expert court witness in cases that involve crimes against children and those who distribute child pornography via file sharing applications specifically Lime Wire.

I tell you this so you will have a good understanding of who I am and what I do.

My recent work and discoveries of video footage that was broadcast the day that the Columbine event, are genuine and clearly show the use of a dummy by law enforcement.

You can view a selection of my work here

That dummy is visible within scenes that show a fire truck in the background. This enables us to create a timeline of events since in following scenes showing the same fire truck we see there are ruts marks in the grass that were not present in the first scene.

Why is that important?

This movement of the fire truck shows that scene one where they are pulling the dummy by the feet is then followed by them moving the fire truck and creating the marks in the grass. This shows the dummy is not a person who is in need of medical attention. Their actions further demonstrate they are indeed partaking in a drill as they are seen dragging the dummy into the path where they then run the escaping children directly at it.

Do you really think law enforcement would do this? No, and not just because it would be illegal as they would be interfering with an evidence of a crime scene. But that’s not all; there’s more.

To make matters worse, there is an additional scene where we then see the law enforcement officers drag the dummy yet again around the front of the truck and then deposit it in a puddle of water and mud and walk away.

I ask you to refrain from viewing this video while believing the lies that you have been fed by the mainstream media. Instead, I invite you to consider it for what it is, and allow your common sense to guide you as you will see and know for a fact the event the media and its actors claim most certainly did not.

Then ask yourself, do police officers travel around with dummies in their vehicles just in case there is a school shooting, they can pull the dummy out and place it in front of children that are being extracted from the school? Then drag it around to different locations, all while there is supposed to be a gunman killing people?

The answer is very clear. No, of course, they don’t. So why are you still embracing the lie on your Columbine page?

What are you so afraid of? Telling the truth about the world we live in? Do you think you will be held accountable for SPEAKING THE TRUTH?

Here’s what I believe will happen. You will continue publishing the lie, and I the truth. The 15K subscribers to my YouTube channel and 8Million views to my website per month will eventually spread the facts of the event; it’s just a matter of time. Eventually, the truth will prevail, and you will lose any credibility as people will know the information on your site is not factual.

All your hard work will go down the drain, just because you failed to do what it is you claim to do, fact checks and verify information on your site.

So what will it be then? Evaluate the video I am talking about and publish the facts as they are and allow the people to be informed while keeping your credibility, or continue to push a known lie to the people who eventually will know the truth and will stop visiting your site.

I’m leaving it in your hands. Do the right thing or the people will for you.

Also, this letter will be published to my website so my viewers can see my attempts to appeal to your common sense. — Preceding unsigned comment added by DallasGoldBug (talk • contribs) 03:15, 23 March 2015 (UTC)

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  1. Berta /

    Glad to see your letter to Wikipedia. My misconception about that site was that someone knowledgeable could edit and add to the information posted. Your information ought to be included side by side the official story. People can choose for themselves what to believe and follow up on.

    • Yes, that was my misconception as well. I thought what a great Idea the people would proof it and there would be some semblance of verifiable fact presented. But I found out its just a scam and they are part of the perception management. BUT there is a bright side to it. The events they list as being the official lie, as long as you use my information and know who the players are then you can read between the lines and see the truth they don’t want you to know. So it’s useful for getting the basic information about events then apply the dallasgoldbug template to it and bingo you have the truth.

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