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Since the powers that be love to label people and create stereotypes so they can use them as pawns to play against one another and the rest of humanity. I'm all for the creation of an independent counsel made up of people who have no conflicting business or personal issues with the mainstream media and those in the video and movie industry. Give them subpoena authority and have them hold public trials of those who are suspected of taking part in the productions that we see our TV are comprised of which constitute Un-American Activities. Just like they did back in the early Hollywood days where people SUCH AS DISNEY were put on the stand and accused of taking part in this bullshit. Then let them be labeled as they deserve to be and if the industry uses those who are labeled the enemy of the public, they too will be held accountable and their licenses will be revoked and their business shut down.

I understand this is what testifying under oath in front of the house is supposed to cover, but they are all in conflict with the industry since they rely on the industry to push their BS campaign messages. So you will never see them punish the people who are behind them getting elected. If the council member has a conflict, then they must recuse themselves and another person takes their place. The people must be thoroughly documented and biometrically recorded so there is no question as to who they are. Anyone the council suspects as taking part in the lie will be subpoenaed and biometric records will be made for analysis. If they, refuse they are automatically considered and enemy of the people and black balled.

One of the voting positions on the council will be made up of votes that come from people WHO HAVE A VALID ID which is swiped at the voting station, and the votes are counted in real time live, therefore no voter fraud will take place. Their votes tallied will count as one member of the council votes. After every case the people of the country can vote on the council members and if enough votes show their actions are in question they themselves can be put on trial and made to address the concern of the people. ALL FUNCTIONS OF THE COUNCIL WILL BE PERFORMED OUT IN THE PUBLIC. Galleries open to the public will be made available to first come, first serve seating so anyone can get in line and sit in on the council meetings.

Now, HOW WIL IT BE FUNDED so the taxpayers don't have to foot the bill. SIMPLE. Those who have licenses to publish and broadcast or have a publication with xx number of subscribers will pay an annual fee that will cover the salary of the council. When I say xx I mean a larger than just one guy posting a blog to 1000 people. So it doesn't cost the little guy or the beginning companies any money, but once they reach a segment level of subscribers and have a small influence of a body of people they should be subjected to the councils watchful eye.

There are no TelePrompTers no lawyers just people answering questions. A true court of public opinion.

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