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Columbine & Barbara Walters

In a continued effort to update my site, I come across images that have suddenly disappeared from the server.  Good think I have multiple backups.  I constantly have to repost them.


Barbara walters, Columbine, greenberg, barbaralee

Barbara is known from the 40’s, and 50’s of being a government agent. When the FBI and the Whitehouse talk about their Media Assets, she is one that is on the list.




Columbine Evidence For Prosecution Of The Hoax

Yet another video they removed of mine that I posted over a year ago.  Scared are they? This is the official authorized archive & backup channel for the work of Ed Chiarini, Jr. He presents biometric comparisons of people in public counterfeit roles using pseudonyms. Comments and feedback must be sent directly to him.


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  1. In the Freddie mercury image u say Ellen abrams is the wife but the picture is of Ellen goodman not abrams. And stossels wife Ellen abrams does not look like Jones!

  2. Berta /

    Oh, how they love to scare us with this one, again and again. Even ten years later it still has juice.

    I wonder how many restrictions are being put on schools to make them more prison-like due to this charade?
    How many parents are really afraid their child could be shot at school, especially after the Sandy Hook hoax?
    A terrified populace is easy to control.
    Let’s WAKE UP!

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