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Columbine and the Mississippi College Shooting Sept 15th, 2015 HD

This video is a must see for those who are searching for answers with regards to school shootings. They are part of the Department of Homeland Security’s FSE ExPlan Active Shooter drill scenario that falls under the HSEEP program. Feel free to look it up on their website, where you will find the actors waivers form, and all the other forms related to these drills. Within the document that I mentioned in the video, you will see the media’s role in these events, and understand that what you are seeing is a result of their attending these drills and using the footage and editing out the information that would inform you that these are drills and not real. This is legal for them to do, and, therefore, no one else’s business when it comes to stopping them. Which the mainstream media have hijacked and propagated globally as a real world event is nothing more than a means for them to push their political agenda. Arm yourself with this video and you will know the facts.

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