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Clackamas Mall Shooting Drill

Here’s your proof its a fake event.

Active Shooter ExPlan FSE (Full Scale Exercise DHS HSEEP Program)

Make sure to view the Giffords Shooting page as you will see the same faces involved as you do will all the other HOAX shooting produced by the Greenbergs.


Keep in mind this mall has every square inch of their property covered by cameras. There is NO WAY security would not know where an ACTIVE SHOOTER was on their property. NO WAY. There is no video of the suspect, just reports, as you will hear them say in the audio.

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2012-07-24 04:25:26 through 2012-12-12 02:52:59.

All archive times are in the feed’s local broadcast time zone (PST).


658am-730 201212110858-470485-3544

730am-758 201212110928-897899-3544

758am-828 201212110958-693140-3544

828am-858 201212111028-912067-3544

858am-928 201212111058-717930-3544

927am-958 201212111127-795497-3544

957am-1028 201212111157-410361-3544

1027am-1057 201212111227-970224-3544

1057am-1127 201212111257-750147-3544

1127am-1157 201212111327-846830-3544

1157am-1227 201212111357-560280-3544

1227PM-1257 201212111427-612432-3544

1256PM-0127 201212111456-288247-3544

126PM-156 201212111526-742855-3544

156PM-226 201212111556-599266-3544

226PM-256 201212111626-313194-3544

256PM-326 201212111656-728583-3544

326PM-356 201212111726-821949-3544

3:29 First mention of the shooting

3:37 Curtail radio traffic

3:383 suspects

3:46 People are walking around the mall with no signs of the active shooter. Now you know if there were a real shooting there would be no one left inside the mall. If you have ever heard automatic gunfire INDOORS, you know that the entire inside of that mall would be aware of the shooting and would have headed for the doors.

3:47 EMT off duty sitting the parking lot offers his assistance. They say no. That’s because the EMT does not know its a drill, but the Dispatch does, and they are organized per team scheduled to partake in the drill. They will repeat the drill as many times as they need to ensure all agencies involved will get their chance to participate. This is why you see multiple agencies reporting to the events. Several Bomb squads from different areas. Several K9 teams from different agencies. They all get their turn.

3:48 Security guard is performing CPR on one of the other victims.

3:55The command post is already set up. DRILL
Wearing a white Hockey mask

355PM-425 201212111755-574284-3544

4:06 EMT’s in the FOOD COURT trying to figure out if there are any injured

4:13 Multiple Portland Officer is now showing up and is told to go to staging

4:14-second suspect is wearing a V for Vendetta MASK. THAT MEANS DRILL and the actors involved are the same ones I filmed at the Occupy Dallas Protest. All actors you can see the raw footage on my YouTube site (search for occupied)

425PM-455 201212111825-400824-3544

455PM-525 201212111855-223084-3544
Suspect being escorted to be fingerprinted

The person contacted police with information on a second suspect that helps plan the event. (Remember this is a drill)

4:26 Having a briefing now. Then they will send more people in. This means DRILL as they take turns playing the scenario.

525PM-555 201212111925-208297-3544

555PM-625 201212111955-331382-3544

625PM-656 201212112025-954440-3544




Since I released this, they have filed for their grant and received the money, so they used it to remodel the mall.  They claim it’s to hide any bullet holes. Hahaha yeah right.

The so-called shooter we all know from many other events.


andrewhall facebook

These photos come from his Facebook account. The account that tried to friend me on my Facebook account, and get on to my friends list. But of course, I recognized him and called him out. But the funny thing is that since he’s not very bright, he doesn’t realize that he put his whole family out there for everyone to know their fake names by just looking at his Facebook friends list. And in that friends list, we see many of the family members that we’ve been calling out for many years now.



He even plays MARQUEZ the friend of the latest ISIS terrorists shooting. ISIS Isralie Secret Intelligence Service.

Links you should know


DHS.GOV Toolkit

The ExPlan document I leaked that stopped the School shooting in Potawatomi.

Rep Giffords ExPlan Drill

The flyer that is given to the actor for them to fill out that they must bring with them to the drill. It’s their release form and binder that keeps them quiet


Department of Homeland Security Outline


An ongoing ExPlan that you must read if you live in FL

Florida_Multi_Year Plan_2012_2014_Final

So yesterday after I post that this event was a staged marketing campaign to promote the mall and essential stores nationally, along with the always popular gun control rhetoric that this family of actors loves to push (They need us unarmed so we can’t fight back when they overthrow this country and bring it under the rule of the Crown. That’s why almost all of the individuals involved with these fake events are the Royals, and/or are from Canada, which is under the Queen’s rule) They don’t care how long it takes they have nothing but time and our money that we keep giving them each time they pull a stunt like this and immediately post their links to their donation site to help pay for the medical bills that the insured will have to pay. BULLSHIT, first off there are no injured, and even if this was a real event WHICH IT’S NOT, they have a victims compensation fund as do many other states that pay for any medical bill and much more. SO ANYONE asking for donations to help with their health bill is a fraud and should be reported to the FB

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