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I Wonder if Chevy Banks At Chase?

When you understand the game and the rules they abide by, you know the reality and what to look for.  Their business of lies is not a violation of the law but is morally reprehensible.  Yet, people still rather attack the messenger than to address the scam that the messenger is showing you.  But if you would rather be the sheep for them to lunch on then that’s your decision.  Just know that it looks very strange for you to be attacking the person giving you the heads up to the fraud while you protect those that you believe real from Hollywood.  Actors (Not the ones that act because they love acting and producing films, but the ones that take part in this manipulation of your perception) are professional liars and should be treated as such.


Jim Morison, Chevy Chase, Jay Rockefeller, are all the same person.

If you don’t believe me just look at the spouse.  Then you can look at the father of Chevy, Jim, and Jay and you will see the scam travels in the family as Jim’s father was the Captain of the ship involved in the Gulf of Tonkin LIE.

Jayni ChaseGotham+Magazine+Celebrates+Business+Philanthropy+Xre0lFiieGAx

Jayni Chase attends The Business of Philanthropy panel on November 13, 2013, in New York City.


Jim’s girlfriend Pamela Courson. About 1969

sharon rockefeller

Sharon Rockefeller, 1977. Rockefeller now serves as president and CEO of WETA, the third- largest producing station of national public television programming.


Jay Rock with the nasal putty.



Note the top lip. It’s the same philtrum as his wife. Which means to me they are siblings.

Chevy took some time off from his acting career to pursue his love of music.  Still to this day, Chevy has been known to play piano after hours at the bar of the hotel that he stays at.  chevychase

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  1. This one here blows my mind too…. The truth is Brutal!

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