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DIY Green Laser Pointer mod resistor on opposite side than button turns 5mw to 35mw

DIY Green Laser Pointer mod resistor on opposite side than button  turns 5mw to 35mw

Mar 10, 2010

A while back I bought a green laser from Hong Kong on Ebay, worked great. After watching the videos on this site I decided to boost mine up, which I did and it worked great. Actually was able to pop balloons with it. I eventually lost it (of course) but found another similar looking one at Fry’s Electronics here in Dallas, TX. They had black and silver, both looked exactly like the model I got from Hong Kong. The black on e was $10 more so I bought the silver (who cares). Anyway, When I returned home to mod this one, I found out it was different than my last one (my dumb ass didn’t look inside to check before I drilled, stupid stupid)

This design has the resistor on the opposite side of the board (opposite the button) so drill your hole accordingly.

(Again leaping before I looked, I drilled mine to far above the resistor, which made adjusting it a pain.) The fortunate thing was that since I drilled it in the wrong spot when I went to adjust the small screw on top of the variable resistor I touched the side of the case with the screw driver. Just like mag light flash lights the case is part of the circuit in these as well.

Long story short, the adjusting of the resistor didn’t really do anything, but grounding the top of the resistor to the side did the trick.

So in my vid you see a wire thats touching the top of the resistor inside the laser, and sticks out the hole i drilled, and is pressed down on the outer casing of the laser (grounding it to the case) Its glued for now but Ill solder it later.

Sorry about the blur photos but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

Cant promise this mod will work for you but it did on this one. What I’m saying is if you jack yours up don’t come crying to me.

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