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Ring of Fire Still Burns.

Johnny Cash, and June Carter Cash.  Still alive, and you will not believe who they are today.  Here's the evidence.

Hint:  Johnny Cash played football in college, and was offered a pro contract that he turned down.


Johnny Cash, of course, married June Carter Cash and supposedly were together till her death. Well, that's all fine and dandy for the legend making the music industry use to produce massive profits but in reality, the story is much different.



The ears don't lie, even though it took me a while to come to grips with who he is today. But then the illusion fell completely apart as the individuals around him to this day are the same people who are associated with him in his other personas. But it's what he is doing to the public as one of those characters that is criminal. As you will learn it affects many hundreds of people in an appalling way.



August 22, 2012 - Vascular pattern recognition, also commonly referred to as vein pattern authentication, uses near-infrared light to reflect or transmit images of blood vessels. Researchers have determined that the vascular pattern of the human body is unique to a specific individual and does not change as people age. Potential for the use of the technology can be traced to a research paper prepared in 1992 by Dr. K. Shimizu, in which he discussed optical trans-body imaging and potential optical CT scanning applications. The first paper about the use of vascular patterns for biometric recognition was published in 2000. That paper described technology that used subcutaneous blood vessels in the back of the hand that was the first to become a commercially available vascular pattern recognition system. Additional research improved that technology and inspired additional research and commercialization of finger- and palm-based systems. Typically, the technology either identifies vascular patterns in the bank of hands or fingers. To identify patterns in hands, near-infrared rays generated from a bank of light emitting diodes (LEDs) penetrate the skin of the back of the hand. Due to the difference in absorbance of blood vessels and other tissues, the reflected near-infrared rays produce an image processing techniques producing an extracted vascular pattern. From the extracted vascular pattern, various feature rich data such as vessel branching points, vessel thickness and branching angles are extracted and stored as a template. In vascular pattern in fingers, near-infrared rays generated from a bank of LEDs penetrate the finger or hand and are absorbed by the hemoglobin the blood. The areas in which the rays are absorbed (i.e., veins) appear as dark areas similar to a shadow in an image taken by a charge-construct device camera. Image processing can then construct a vein pattern from the captured image. Next this pattern is digitized and compressed so that it can be registered as a template.



Since Johnny Cash played guitar we have very good shots of his hands.  Fortunately, the other persona he plays are, both in the public eye as well so we are fortunate to have good samples.

Check back to learn who he is playing as I will release that info soon.  I just received additional evidence I want to include that further put him right where I say he is, along with his associates.

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  1. debbiey /

    I think she could be related to or also plays dolly parton, just my observation.

  2. Stefan /

    she looks like gigi butler

  3. They are so arrogant. That image was from the ACM awards. Thanks for your work!

  4. Wow Ed you are spot on as always. Figured out who he is now by “when in doubt check the spouse” rule.