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Jerry Jones Fumbles

As I mentioned before in the first part of this exposure, this was a personal one for me.  A very special friend of mine suffers from a condition that requires her to take blood-thinning medication for the rest of her life.  Pradaxa, a blood thinning drug that the FDA is investigating for possibly causing serious, possibly fatal bleeding.  Doctors prescribe Pradaxa to help reduce strokes and prevent blood clots in patients diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib), sometimes referred to as an irregular heartbeat.  The drug has been linked to bleeding so severe that it can sometimes cause death and may cause heart attacks.  Pradaxa is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG of Germany.

The Food and Drug Administration issued a safety alert regarding Pradaxa in December 2011.  The FDA is conducting a safety review of reports of severe bleeding related to taking Pradaxa.  Health agencies in Europe, Japan, and New Zealand have also reported cases of serious, and sometimes fatal bleeding that may have been caused by Pradaxa.  The drug was introduced as an alternative to Warfarin, a commonly used anti-coagulant.  However unlike Warfarin, severe bleeding caused by Pradaxa cannot be stopped by injections of vitamin K.  Nations says there is no antidote for bleeding caused by Pradaxa.  More than two million Americans have atrial fibrillation, which makes them prone to blood clots that can cause strokes.

Needless to say, this has caused a surge of lawsuits filed across the country.

Instead, of a class action suit, the way they are handling the situation is to fill all the claims through a lawyer in one state, Howard Nations is the lawyer representing clients in all 50 states in Mass Tort pharmaceutical action.

This then caught my eye.

For a lawyer claiming to be in business since 1966, he only has one unnamed  review on

He lists himself as      Howard L. Nations, J.D.
But the Texas BAR list him as LL.B.

Practice Areas     Civil; Personal Injury Litigation; Litigation; Commercial; Personal Injury
University     Florida State University, B.A.
Law School     Vanderbilt University, LL.B.
Admitted     1966
ISLN     904219898
Bar Card Number: 14823000
TX License Date: 09/14/1966
Primary Practice Location: Houston, Texas
3131 Briarpark Drive
Suite 208
Houston, TX 77042

Since finding actors playing roles of lawyers in other cases, I now see how a corporation, that's being sued, could hire an actor to represent the injured, so they don't have to pay as much as they would if they were held accountable for their damages.

It's highly illegal and a conflict of interest but that's why there is a thing called a grievance letter you can send to the BAR so that lawyer crossing the ethical and legal boundaries will get held accountable.  Trust me they are very effective, I've had to use one that resulted in the attorney losing his license for two years and a permanent mark on his record.

Looking at the attorney, Howard Nations, I recognized him but thought it was from when I lived in Houston and my lawyer at that time was in the same location as his office.  But then it hit me as to where I knew him.  So I began with grabbing as much video and stills as I could, that were high resolution enough to use in an examination.  I found him speaking on an internet radio show called "Ring of Fire Radio" Bingo! I got him. If you know the song written by June that Johnny when he sung it made it famous was called "the ring of fire". Yes, they are that arrogant blatantly throw that in our faces since who would ever connect the dots.  Well I guess they will think twice about doing that again, don't you think?

But wait who else was he?   The more I listened to him speak the more I could see his mannerisms and mechanics that reminded me of Jerry Jones from the Dallas Cowboys.  Could it be?   So I decided to pull up some images of Jerry.

Note his mouth movements when he is not talking.

They use a massive amount of prosthetic makeup on him making him look like a Muppet.  This is their way of phasing them out, setting them up to die of some disease and then legend them.

Note his nose you will see the same technique on other fakers such as Sheriff Arpaio, and Dupnik both Arizona sheriffs who I have exposed before.

A side note, Johnny was a very good Football player in College.  He was offered, and turned down a pro contract.

Now for the evidence.

jerry jones and wife reuters

Oh my! I was looking at a photo that dropped my jaw.  It was Jones standing with his wife.  That wife I recognized without a doubt.  That was the icing on the cake, so to speak. His wife I recognized as June Carter Cash, the deceased wife of....You guessed it, Johnny Cash.


June Carter Cash Johnny's wife. Hasn't changed much at all.

Johnny Cash was who I thought he was at the beginning of this investigation.  Little did I realize that it I would find Jerry and June as the validation.

Of course, at that point, I needed solid scientific proof. Even though what are the kids of the person coincidentally having a spouse that matched as well.  But nevertheless, I needed scientific proof.

Knowing that Jerry Jones has had an enormous amount of plastic surgery on his face and neck, I knew it would be difficult to make my case.  But as usually the offenders as hard as they try will always leave something overlooked and in this case, they did just that with two critical outlets for proving his identity.  They are the ear and the vein patterns on the back of the hand.

So I began collecting images of the persons of interest, and since Johnny play's guitar hand shots were easy to find.  As for Jerry, they are almost as easy since he is a public person there are plenty of interviews from which usable images can be selected.

With Nations I lucked out since Jerry likes to talk with his hands, all it took were a few screen shots to get what I needed.

Ear Examination

Cash's ear on the left, and Jones' ear on the right.




The images I worked with as well as the videos, I pulled the screenshots from, are available here.  So we can avoid any accusations of unethical manipulation right from the start.

No images are altered, other than the standard removal of the background, color correcting, resize, and sharpening that is standard practice when you resize an image.  No Photoshop pixel manipulation are ever done to the pictures I present, and all the photographs used are available to the public.


The conclusions

It doesn't take a forensic expert to see that even though he spent all that money on surgery, he still is unable to control his natural nervous state that causes him to pucker his mouth from time to time.  You can clearly see him do it while playing all three characters.

Second, we have a biometric match on his ears.  You can see the sectioning off of the samples and the methods by which we mark the intersecting points.   Then take that grid and overlay it on the suspects ear to see if it aligns up or not, which we can see here it matches every point.

Third we have the vein recognition match.  With each person, you have unique vein patterns in your body.  The hands just happen to me readily available, but other locations that are acceptable if a good shot of the hand is not available, are the top on the feet. This excellent biometric measurement is reliable for women with long hair that cover their ears, who wear high heels making their veins stand out.

Where the veins branch off forming a "y" shape, are called bifurcation points, we can create the pattern that is duplicated then placed on the other samples.  This match is one that you cannot deny.  It's just like when you were a child playing with blocks; the square block fits in the square hole etc.

Now, what does this mean for the lawsuits? Well, it means the so called lawyer  Howard Nations might be getting a grievance letter sent to the BAR notifying then of the possible fraud that needs investigating.  The other side, of the investigation, is now wide open, and the connections to Barry Switzer and the TV evangelical community will be certainly one you will want to become a member so you won't miss the outcome.

Image #: 15918194 05 NOVEMBER 2011: Former Oklahoma Coach and hall of famer Barry Switzer during the University of Oklahoma Sooners game against the Texas A&M Aggies at the Gaylord Family-Memorial Stadium in Norman, OK. Oklahoma won 41-25. CSM /Landov

Image #: 15918194 05 NOVEMBER 2011: Former Oklahoma Coach and hall of famer Barry Switzer during the University of Oklahoma Sooners game against the Texas A&M Aggies at the Gaylord Family-Memorial Stadium in Norman, OK. Oklahoma won 41-25. CSM /Landov



Remember, Jerry fired Barry.  I smell a publicity scam and these two are more like brothers or cousins.


Jerry presenting at the Country Music awards.

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  1. russellkanning /

    good page
    It helps that I have always hated Jerry Jones 🙂

  2. I also detect similar voice timbre in the three characters.
    Of course Johnny Cash has a distinctive “trademark” voice. He wouldn’t be using that in other roles. But he can’t hide the resonance/timbre.

  3. Kimbel Halliday /

    Notice Cash’s eye movements during the interview with the subtitles in Dutch… where his face is quite fat (DGB mentions this is latex appliances for chubby effect) Notice how he looks to his left mostly when recalling his history? But he also looks to the right a lot and he does this almost in an awkward way? Generally people look to the left OR right when recalling from memory. When they are looking the opposite way they are not going back into memory but are then using ‘imagination’ to supply the answer to the question. Cash either is playing obvious to manifest toward a mental condition of senility or is, in fact, just trying to keep his story straight. These guys appear to be pro’s at this ‘long-form improvisation’ (con game for the rest of us). So this is less likely to be unconscious mistake?

    • dallasgoldbug /

      Correct, long form improvisation is the accurate description. Many of the actors got their training at Second City Tv, then the Chicago iO theater. Just think about how much money they make when they legend off a character then continue to generate memorabilia to sell at the inflated legend rates. Whether or not he is as rich as people think, we can sure see how he would have generated it.

  4. Stefan /

    Would it be a safe assumption to say that judges are unaware of these actors? I mean how much is a fake `victim` allowed to lie to a judge under oath? How can anyone with a fake name sue a corporation? Who is judging the judge, or who is hiring the judge? Can a judge go for the most minimal condemnation, because the judge works for the corporation, and still be legal? Also, if they fake it up until this point, how can we safely say the judges are not part of it and it might as well be completely scripted out. So the people that might want to sue this corporation, will drop their charges, since the believe someone is already taking care of it. I’m not saying it is the case, but more confused about how these things are done.

    • I can say that in my case with my Supreme Court victory, I sat right behind the politician Tom DeLay. Just the name in itself Tom DeLay of course I know it’s a pseudonym, and I know he’s not a real person. but of course his lawsuit was taking place in the Supreme Court right after mine. So I would say that since you see the sheriff’s being the ones that are in charge of the prisoners you could easily have the sheriffs in on creating the scams arresting the individuals and bringing them to court and of course the judges would have no idea because they wouldn’t be in on it. But of course I do believe that they would be in on it because it’s used to make a scene or publicity for the media so they would definitely be in on that aspect of it but not all of them, just most of them yes. I will say however thsy are all very aware of the oath of candidacy loop hole. Especially if the are elected to their position,they are well aware of that issue