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Canada Being Duped Again!

Let me make this one point clear.  What you are seeing here is not a conspiracy.  My work is not a conspiracy theory.  There is no crime being committed by these individuals, therefore, no conspiracy by definition.  They are acting within the legal construct and that is the issue that needs to be addressed.


When an actor accepts a role such as playing the part of an elected official, they are taking a role that is an extended full-time part.  Therefore, they must have a spouse to fill the role next to them.  In cases of our elected officials, I’m finding the majority are using siblings as the spouse.  If there are children involved, they belong to either of the two.  In the case of Obama’s children.  We see they are the children of Jamie Fox.  That is because Jamie Fox is a relative, and most likely their half-brother making Barack and Michelle the aunt and uncle of the children.



In some cases, we see a parent-child marriage. Like we see Trump and daughter playing.  This marriage of course, just like the sibling marriage is not a real one.  It is just a made for TV marriage, and it is done to protect the lie because the individual running for office would never tell on their sibling and vice versa.

But if there were a real husband and wife and they go through a nasty divorce, the whole lie could be jeopardized.  This nearly happened with Martina Navratilova and her wife as we hear the rumours that the breakup was not amicable, and her spouse threatened to expose her.   So they use the fake marriage to an about protect the system.  Using a sibling as the spouse also enables them to appear as husband and wife while travelling in hotels.  Since they grew up together, living together is nothing new.

Another reason they use a sibling as a spouse is what is known as celebrity leveraging.  With Trump using his daughter as his current wife and his previous wife.  We see that they build the supporting character up to the point where they have their own claim to fame because they were married to the celebrity.

The individuals that own the character can orchestrate the nasty breakup, and fill the newspapers with eye-catching headlines.  What happens next is the spouse then starts their own clothing line or writes the tell-all book about the relationship.  They now have their own celebrity and can repeat the process over and over again as many times as they like.

Did you ever wonder why when you see these elected officials go to kiss their wives, it’s always an awkward situation?  Remember, Al Gore (board member of Apple) (board member of Apple), and Tipper?  Remem


ber Marco Rubio?  Your initial reaction to your sibling was trying to kiss you would probably be similar.  It’s just a natural reaction for them to pull away if they are not ready for it.

So keep that in mind when you are looking at the other elected officials I’ve outed, and use it as a way to validate their identity.  It does not take a degree in forensic’s to use these tools to evaluate the supporting evidence of the spouse.

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  1. This explains how these rich old codgers can have beautiful wives young enough to be their daughters–because they ARE!

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    Right on,body language shows,lo

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