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California Police Beating HOAX


Three California sheriff’s deputies have been suspended without pay, following a savage beating that an attorney described as the “the worst beating since Rodney King.”

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  1.  Lawyers don’t make statements to the press ESPECIALLY before a trial.

  2.  The police do not release footage that would be used as evidence in a trial to the media.

  3.  Do you understand what the odds are to have an event like this take place perfectly in the center of the frame along with perfect lighting?  You have to be an idiot not to know this is fake and staged.

  4. That’s Brett Greenberg again playing the criminal.  He is a well-known family member actor of the Greenberg family.  I have been exposing them for the past five years along with the rest of the Kaplan, Harmon, Blumberg and Wohl, family members.  Who are the families that control a majority of the Big 6 media conglomerates?  They are the Disney side of the equation.

When will the media and these families be held responsible for their corrupting the perception of reality that causes damages to the social structure of this country?

I am all for free speech, but I am also for mandatory disclaimers being aired before these staged events are broadcast.  You can’t tell them what they can and can’t say, but you can make them disclose the truth about an event as being a production if we pass the laws that penalize them for failing to do so which misleads the public.

Now who would be held accountable?  The actors you see on the screen?
Perhaps if they have played multiple roles in unrelated events, then they are well aware of the effects of their productions have on the public’s perception of reality.

The producers of this event?
Yes absolutely as long as they are aware that their production is going to be used to push legislation.

The Networks who air these staged events?
Yes absolutely if they are aware that the event is staged (which they do because they fund the productions of them.  How do I know this?  Because they must secure the rights to anything, they show on their networks, so their lawyers are well aware of ho is producing them.


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  1. Not so sure actors would be held accountable. They are simply employees doing what they are told. “It’s my job.” I can hear them say. As to any connection between what they do and the public’so perception of reality—well maybe they never thought about it.

    It’s pervasive. Ask almost any employee about what they do on their job that they might not choose to do if not so ordered. “Well, it’s my paycheck. It’s best not to get too hung up on it. Anyway, it’s their fault if they get found out.”

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