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More Bundy Evidence

T. Boone Pickens, Bundy

Like I said Bundy is T.Boone Pickens. If you for some reason can’t see the vein pattern on the back of his hand is a match just look at the spouse and the TBoons ex spouse.

As I have exposed in the past the “Leveraging of Celeberty” they will typically create the married couple using a sibling as the spouse.  This allows 2 things to happen.  1.  The lie is protected as no one would rat their sibling out.  2 It allows the sibling to gain celebrity if their spouse is known, but it also allows that family member to generate income for themselves keeping the wealth in the family.

So when you see an actor and they are working with someone you know is known to be there ex spouse and they are said to be married to someone else, you can rest an assured that the person that you know is the ex is really their sibling.  This is what we see  happening here.

Nice wig.  If you can’t see that is the same woman then you are blind.

The Bundy Ranch Actors

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Just like all the rest of the scripted out made-for-TV news stories, this Bundy Ranch situation is nothing different. The mainstream media lies and makes up events to turn you into a fearful reactionary consumer of the shiny goods they sell you on the TV. There will never be a day when they come to take you away making you unable to spend your money at the mall, buying crap you don't need. Now whether or not T. Boone is a billionaire, just another actor, or both, we may never know. But one thing we do know for sure is this story is as phony as the rest of them.

More Bundy Bull

Oregon standoff spokesman Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum killed Give it up no people.  The Jig is up.       Please follow and like us: 0

Exposing the Bundy Scam

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  1. Benjamin Davis /

    What is so sad, Ed, is the fact that the entire Orlando city and county law enforcement and EMT’s along with the MSM is in on it too!

    So here is some really good Podcasts you should listen to… it explains WTF is wrong with the human race… nanotechnology via Chemtrails and a very secret Mind Control Program that I exposed in my book… published June 5th… as where I predicted the fake shooters and so on… my book title is “It’s About TIME: Incident at fort Polk”