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Brussels Bombing Security FAIL THEY GOT TRICKED

THE THING TO REMEMBER Regardless of whether or not the video is of this event. They fail because they did not expect that I would Identify The HEARST family in the event. That in itself brings their entire BS drill to its knees.

They claim you can’t get the CCTV footage that quick therefore this is no way the real footage. Yep thats right but what they faild to observe is they already released the CCTV footage ofthe bombers standing in line at the counter.

AND GUESS WHO THEY REALLY ARE? THe same as the boston bombers Zach Omally Greenberg who workd for Forbes and his brother.

After they posted this video I commented on how BS it was and gave the reasons why. They promptly removed the video but not before I got a copy. So enjoy. Become a member of and get the news first.

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