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Brussels Bombing FAIL!

I knew they would try this in order to damage control.

If it was not from the bombing then why did they pull it?  Ask yourself that question.  Know they also most likely shoot one event at a location and use several cameras with different scenes  then cut it up and use it for different events and claim its different unrelated footage.  Typical tricks they employ that the average person doesn’t realize is being manipulated to fool them.
They did it with the occupy Wall Street fight scenes too.


Regardless of whether or not the video is of this event.  They fail because they did not expect that I would Identify The HEARST family in the event.  That in itself brings their entire BS drill to its knees.

Become a member of and you will get the facts the liars in the mainstream media hide from you.

Notes about that article that make it completely an attempt to scam people.  They claim there would be no way they could access security cam footage so quick so then what’s this?

brussels-airport-bombing-suspects istanbul-bombing 3272A82700000578-3503928-Second_attack_Around_90_minutes_after_the_airport_blasts_there_w-m-69_1458635809253

And here is another slip.

Do they look familiar?

The bombers from the Boston Bombing hoax.

omally Atrileys-party omally atrileysparty

This is how you know it was a staged event.
The following video was posted about an hour ago.  That’s right even before an investigation was finished.  YOU KNOW THAT THIS FOOTAGE if it were real would have been confiscated by the police and used as evidence for any court proceedings.  It would not be released to the public.  I was the first person to post that on the youtube page that posted it and within minutes they pulled the video.  Good thing I saved a copy.  Enjoy and KNOW ITS A STAGED DRILL.


17 million references to the event only an hour after it happened. IMPOSSIBLE unless the media was given the story (FROM THE HEARST FAMILY) before it was said to of happened. KNOW IT’S FAKE.

This is a Hearst Production

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  1. Berta /

    I’ll be interested in how many hits wellaware1 gets from Europeans after this. As the fakery continues, more people have the opportunity to become aware.
    The ability to pre-shoot footage, use green screens, as Ed has shown makes false reality ever easier to produce. The use of actors as “witnesses” and then those who are the “witness’s friends” to swear all this is real furthers the “reality” (verisimilitude) of the event.
    Those who wish to wake up to this will do so. It’s difficult to accept that we live in such a false reality planned and scripted by someone we don’t know and never see.

    • My site gets filtered, and you only see about 100-3000,’ people a day. Before I went to the membership base, it got 8million views a month.


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