Behold The Power Of One

A Test of Your Perception Abilities

You must remember everything that is viewed on TV is meant to be there.  Understanding that fact and that its all made up and scripted out you will be able to understand the real reason why they are showing you something that seems absurd from the perspective of the viewer who is not on the level that you are. This is to cause drama and get the viewer to react, but occasionally there is a much more simple reason.  That is to test to see if you are paying attention.  This way they can gauge how well their manipulation is working and you still remain conditioned. So when you watch this video.  Tell me why they are showing this?

Its just one big SNL skit for all these comedians to take part in the actor based reality you believe is reality but is not.
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One comment

  1. Hey, the fella sitting behind Chaffetz on the left looks like that crazy ass evolution guy that you exposed… Remember..?

    Dawkins I think… Bla!!!